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02807 Lamann Sorcerer

Tranquil Ape

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My latest piece. I think I did a better job on shades and highlights this time around. As for the base, i need to get some materials..

Also tried a little freehand on this one... a couple of the lines are much fatter than what i wanted but once i started I was committed.



Lessons learned...


Going to stop attaching the mini to a base right off the bat, Im finding it just makes it difficult at times.


Colors behave very different from each other with respect to thinning, glazing and such, gonna take more practice.




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Good lessons learned! I'd be proud/excited to see that paint job show up at my gaming table!


My only thought would be to add a 'near white' couple small highlights to a few hard edges on your golds to make them look a little more metallic. You wouldn't need to go crazy, 5 minutes or less.

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It never would've occurred to me to paint Lamann in anything other than dark, somber colors. He just has a heel look about him. But he actually looks pretty awesome as a white hat.


I painted mine in bright colors too. I guess you could paint him to look more villainous, but I never thought of him that way.

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The cloth & skin are both coming along nicely!


With the staff run a black wash (or blackened brown) over it to pick out the grain. Where there is no grain sculpted paint lines with the wash 2 or 3 layers will create fake grain just fine.


With the gold, I still struggle with NMM so bravo for attempting it so early! To make it better make a pure white:yellow mix, say 50:50 and paint highlights like Adrift suggested on the top surfaces of your gold. Then to really sell it come back with Pure White and paint thin lines (or dots) at the BOTTOM of the prior highlight.


Finally to make the orb look like a crystal. Look at the top picture, notice the little glints of white and the transition from a bright red down to a darker red? When you paint it those glints of white stay where they are but the shading reverses, so darkest shadow at the top, highlight at the bottom.

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