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I just got into painting boardgame miniatures in May of this year.I started withthe Dnd boardgames.(Drizzt and Ravenloft)
The Reaper kickstarter just springboarded me right into the deepend of this wonderful world of miniatures.

So while waiting for the Reaper Kickstarter minis to arrive I picked up a couple warlord starter armies boxes and most recently the new 2player Hordes battle box.
I've decided to tackle the Circle of Orboros first and bought a bunch of other mini's to go with the starter box army.
I've been slowly working on them but I'd love some feedback as I'm going.

I'm trying for an Autumn theme to the color scheme.

I figured I'd take the path of least resistance and start with Shifting Stones First.
So after painting dipping and basing this is what I ended up with.

Next Up I figured I'd work on the Druids of Orboros unit.
Alot of this has been a learning painting technique experience, base coating metal with black then dry brushing the metallic paint over for example. as well as dry brushing bronze over red on the Armour.
I've been using Army painter Quickshade Strong tone to dip my mini's. I try and leave the deep shading to the dip and with these figures progress from base coat painting to include highlights then dipping.

I've finished two of the six druids trying to use orange shades for the leather highlights and Green for the Black Cloak heres one pre dip

and heres the first two druids after i dipped them and dullcoated, one of them has the base finished,i'm working on second tonight.


I started on the next one and wanted to try and get some more color into the model but the yellow face mask is bugging me..it might just be to bright..maybe a little brown and or yellow to tone it down.
Its just too stark but not sure what to do with it yet..will probably wokr around it for now.
Welp thats a quick catch up to today.

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I hear ya Qailbraithe,its all a learning process and a matter of timing.


The Quickshade has been enormously helpful and I've really been pleased with the results overall.

in June I painted the Ravenloft figures and was still just basically basecoating then. I think this is my favourite result from the Quickshade.

Right Before Dipping







I have been considering when I should take the training wheels off completely so to speak.But didn't feel I was ready yet.

These are the first non boardgame mini's I've worked on and the first metal ones,so I figured I'd try and get better at Layering and highlighting(started with Ashardalon figs)and try and progress to some blending before attempting to return to straight washes for shading.


I appreciate the feedback..its been in the back of my mind as well :)

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If they aren't for Competition dip away. You'll knock out figures quickly. Oh they look great.



Everything so far is definitely meant for tabletop play..tho transportation is an issue for the metal ones...I ordered 2 figure cases from the kickstarter but those won't be here for a while

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You are ready, grasshopper.


LOL maybe I'll try going back to pure wash's on a bones figure. I just got some 40mm bases in on Friday which I was waiting on to base the Bones Troll and Gnoll.

Im gonna finish this unit with the quickshade tho. for visual consistency at the very least.

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It is all about what the individual painter wants, but I'd like to echo the sentiments of Gailbraithe and psyberwolfe1.


You have very good brush control, and could easily start moving yourself into more advanced techniques and working toward competition level painting. Getting there isn't easy, but it is very rewarding to begin moving toward those practices.


If you're just wanting to make figures for the tabletop, you're doing wonderful work and you'll be able to knock these out quickly.

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Your dipping is working great! Good strong color schemes, great brush control. While I'd continue on as you are with the plastic boardgame minis, you are definitely ready to take the next step with hero type units and such. I'm excited to see your work in the future, very promising stuff.

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spend some time working on the next druid today.





I mixed in some orange to the yellow facemask. I think it looks better then just yellow.

Not sure its working on its own but I think when flocked the yellow and orange in the leaves and clumps will tie it together....maybe..LOL or it will just stand out like it does now heh.


Cleaned up the gold and red on the armour and the green highlights on the black cloak.Started on the first layer of leather highlights..it seems to be coming together pretty good.

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I'm all for using a dip to churn out figures quickly so they're playable. I do something similar with some base painting and a wash on some figures (my "zombie hordes") just so they won't be blank plastic or bare metal, reserving the right to go back later and do additional detail work as I find the time.


I really like the "fallen leaves" effect on those Circle Orboros figures, by the way. I tried something similar with some colored tissue paper and the smallest leaf-shaped scrapbooking paper-punch I could find, but the results are still too suspiciously large to look quite right for the scale.

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IMO there is no wrong way to paint, as long as you are happy with the results. That being said always try and push yourself more, you may be surprised what you will accomplish :)


EDIT: forgot to add... those minis look great

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I really like the "fallen leaves" effect on those Circle Orboros figures, by the way. I tried something similar with some colored tissue paper and the smallest leaf-shaped scrapbooking paper-punch I could find, but the results are still too suspiciously large to look quite right for the scale.


I can't take credit for them. They're Secret Weapons Fall Leaves.



I've been using galeforce 9 Autumn 3 clumps and gluing down a few leaves in the foreground to attempt to create the illusion of them being more leafy then they are.

I really like the effect and I'm glad its working.

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