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ah didn't realize for wet blending you wanted it to be thicker..i'll have to try that again.(and I'll read that article thx)


I've been using pretty thin paint since switching to a wet palette for layering and well painting in general.


so far i'm about 4 layers+quickshade for deepest shadows on the main parts.

0 dip 1 basecolor 2 base+highlight color 3 highlight color 4 highlight color+white(usually)

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got back to working on the 4th in the unit.this one has definitely been the most challenging. trying to paint under the arm and weapon has led to many touch ups to fix unavoidable contact .




I got it mostly done i think, tho it, well, feels sloppy..I'll have to look at it again in the am and try and clean up some of the lines and highlighting. Maybe I'm rushing it abit to get thru this one..

Not sure what to do with the rock shapes on the necklace thing on his back..feels like it needs something else..but might be fine once its dipped it will help shade it.

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I enjoy it..tho its got its issues sure. Surprisingly I was reading a review of the Strong Tone Ink Washes(same color as the strong tone dip) ..and its suppose to be color match for the old GW Devlin Mud color.

So I might try going back to straight washes after this unit is done on a figure and see how it compares.

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so finished up the 4th except basing which I'll do tomorrow and started on the 5th..the last two are the same figure so hopefully they'll come together pretty smoothly.

I'm anxious to do a different model in the army now after working on the same model in different poses for so long :) maybe a 2headed dog or something.


tried a different color background .blue brightens up the picture but not sure it looks better then the grey background.




Its nice to get the eyes right on the first try..well he's looking to the right, but at least he's not cross eyed or lopsided.


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so i made the mistake in trying to thin the quickshade with Varsal thinking it was the same thing as turpentine. Turns out paint thinner doesn't work well thinning varnish stains .

Its been making the quickshade thicker and last 3 times I've used it its had a skin formed on it that I needed to remove and its been noticeably more syrupy.


I got a real can of Turpentine at Lowes and thinned it down after removing the skin...much much better..its much smoother ..definitely appears to have a much thinner coat and didn't darken as much.. as well the the quickshade ran off the model much more smoother with less general pooling.


I don't think i thinned it to much but hopefully when it dries it leaves enough shading.i'll find out after it dries for a day or 2 and dull coating.


Onto lucky number 6!

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Welp I finished off the 5th. I definitely think the thinner quick shade helped. I found I didn't need to reapply the highlights after it had dried due to being thinner. I didn't re highlight the gold trim on the armor either

anyone think its to flat looking now?




I could try applying a brush on gloss sealer over those gold sections would bring out the luster in the gold/bronze sections maybe that would be enough.


Midway thru the 6th guy..trying for a blond Hair color ..it appears a bit light but I think the quick shade brown will bring it back to more a straw color






I should be done this guy by the weekend then its time to pick something new.


So These are the figures I have based and Primed for Orboros.No Warpwolves yet I'm STILL waiting for my LFGS to get some 1/8x1/16 magnets in for them.





So choices are Argus, Winter Argus, P Kaya, Lars and Epic Kaya. or Warpwolf Skinwalker unit of 5

Any one got a request which to do next?

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i was meaning to ask some opinions on fur.

since its going to have many colors in it..the fur color is going to interfer with the typical colors used for shading and highlighting.


would you just dry brush layers of fur colors ontop of itself..or paint the shading and highlighting like it was normal cloth skin and blend it .

Then just do a coarse drybrush to finish it and add the effect of hair?


any ideas or inputs would be appreciated.

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