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I found that there was a pretty significant gap on the underside of the lip for attaching the arm to the torso
So I sandwiched some greenstuff between superglue on the torso and superglue on the arm hopefully with the lip/the brass rod and the greenstuff once it sets is strong enough for so much weight on a small contact point.

I found my slippers actually work great to balance it on its side and not putting pressure on the base edge while the greenstuff dries...I'll have to do some touchup to coverup the greenstuff when its all done.


I've made the decision to base all my bones on round lipped bases.
Even tho Warlord uses square bases, all the other 28mm skirmish games I want to play use the round bases and I want to be able to more seamlessly proxy figures. And mixed bases makes my OCD itch. I can't see to much of a problem using the round bases for playing Warlord since its just gonna be for local games anyways..we'll just have to make some small adjustments and concessions for b2b contact etc.

So I've had all the mummies from the old Nefsokar starter kit soaking in simple green and 3 bones I bought awhile ago that I had based on squares.
I got all of them separated from the square bases now and I glued down the ghost on a 30mm round lipped base and used some wood filler to blend the height of the broccoli base in..its left abit of a gap but nothing a little static grass won't hide.

I don't know if its a bad idea but I decided to try adding a drop of black paint to some brush on white primer and used that for a basecoat on the ghost..Im gonna throw it in the car for the next month and see how the paint holds up since its such a flexible sculpt..if the tinted primer stays on I'll probably do the same for all the other bones in the vampire kit. I just really prefer a light grey primer..I find it much easier to see the little details vs white.

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everything dried and seems to be secure..one arm to go!


I can see I got abit careless doing the shoulder gem..it doesn't follow the same angle as the ones on the torso..i didn't realize It wasn't the same till it was attached.

It looks better from the left but seems off when viewed from the front


Everything just has a glosscote..i'll do a final dullcote after its all fully assembled.




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I know that base is huge, but boy does he make it look small.


Btw if you use 30mm rounds like those in Hordes its basically the same as a 25mm square base in terms of base size. Its basically the average size of a square base for determining contact so its pretty fair. :)

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Ya he's a pretty big figure..the base is 120mm/4.7 inches I think its pretty much the same size as cthulhu and nythermaul now that I've seen them them in the videos..maybe not quite as high but more bulk in the shoulder area's

If minions ever gets a gargantuan..cthulhu would be a fantastic proxy..and I think neythermaul should be great for an archangel proxy


I'll know for sure in a month or so when thy get shipped.




fun stuff


I'm definitely feeling some figure fatigue with this guy..I'm ready for something new..but hopefully I can finish the last arm off by the weekend.

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Btw if you use 30mm rounds like those in Hordes its basically the same as a 25mm square base in terms of base size. Its basically the average size of a square base for determining contact so its pretty fair. :)


ya thats what I figure..and that way I can use the hordes figures as well for proxies and mix and match for other games that let me use other figures..I'm never gonna be playing in an official tourney so I can't see why it shouldn't work. I'll still base the larger ones on a 40mm base and giant ones on a 50mm base..just for placement you have to visualize a square for spacing..




I joined a Flames of War league Sunday afternoon we had a demo match..looks like a real blast I've ordered a soviet tank army from plastic soldier company that hopefully will arrive in the next week or two.. Painting up 15mm military units should be a nice change of pace from all the high fantasy figures I've been doing.

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spent some more time working on the left arm and applied all the wash's on the stone and wood/rope
as well go the first stage of the runes done applying the thinned down white.






I also worked re basing the other two bones I have and priming them with brush on primer with a little black added to make it grey.
I used some greenstuff to extend out the build in base on the gnoll..seems to have worked ok ..kinda looks like rough cobblestone...or something.

I do find the bones with primer like this shows much better detail than whats apparent when its just the white plastic.




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hordes night tonight so probably won't get to continue on the with the runes till tomorrow.

My Russan 15mm PSC army arrived today tho..man I gotta finish up this worldwrath before my army painter spray primers for these guys showup.(miniwargaming is taking awhile to ship it seems)


I intend to spraybomb all these on the sprew before assembling and then simple paint and dip..hopefully I can get 600points worth assembled in a week or so.


All together including shipping from the UK it was 157 Canadian
includes 15 T34 Tanks with both 76mm and 85mm turrets

52 infantry
4 Maxim MGs,
2 x 50mm mortars,
2 x 80mm mortars,
2 x 120mm mortars,
4 x PTRS anti tank rifles,
4 x Zis 2/3 57mm anti tank guns



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So I've got most of the starter soviet army assembled for the FOW league..PSC figures are cheaper but man glueing arms and heads on 15mm figures is TIME CONSUMING!Everything's just Elmer glued to the bases for now so they can be used for playing.. I'll go back afterwards to properly paint and base them.


Now that I have the 600point force needed for the league ,I spend todayy getting back to working on the woldwrath left arm finally
I finished the runes and got the inserts all glued in.. Hopefully tomorrow I can spend sometime highlighting the Ropes ,Vines and logs.



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So it looks like its been a year since I started painting. Heres my very first batch mini's I painted a year ago. Only doing 3 color basecoats then a quick wash and seal it was easy to get a few done a day :)



From which company are these creatures? I like them. (Ok, just saw the Boxes in the backround, this would be the answer, or not. :-)

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Indeed, those are from the D&D boardgames in the background :P


You've progressed something fierce in just a year. Kudos to you. Btw I'm also basing all my Bones on 30mm/40mm/50mm lipped rounds. Just looks so much better than a plain base imo.

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