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so I applied a couple coats of brush on gloss varnish and its really helped clear up the frosted look of the splash..I'm quite happy with how it looks now.

Heres what it looks like now from a few low angles.





I think I'm gonna just leave it as is..I think working on the other foot is a good idea..but I just want to sign off on this guy as being done :) It feels like one of those pieces you just can keep going back to and dress it up more and more.


I posted the finished pics in the show off forum


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I decided to switch back to the flames of war stuff..I can get some figures done pretty easily.
These guys are gonna be 100% quick basecoat..then dipped tabletop standard. I just dont' have it in me to try and do super detailed painting on 15mm figures.
The bases I'm using are the sculpted plastic ones so Ill just be filling in the holes with spackel then base coating..then dry brushing and detailing stuff like rubble etc then gluing figures down and blending.

heres first 6 figures still wet from the dip..and two bases started standing with Laurana for size reference







These are Soviet summertime uniform colors. following the Flames of War basic soviet color guide.
I did the brush on dip technique and I hope that buy the time the dip is dry the two bases will be completed.
I'm thinking of painting the edges of the bases Soviet Red but I'll wait to see how the drybrushing turns out. I plan to use the same colors I did for the woldwrath base since I really liked the tones I got with that.

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thx man :-)

welp nother bout of insomnia so was up at 4am and figured I'd work on the HMG crews they were still abit sticky from the dip but I got the basic painting of the bases done and the units glued down..just need to glue down some sand to cover the integrated figures bases and paint that to blend in and these two are done.

next up 12 units of Soviet SMG teams heh




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The two HMG crews are dullcoated(i skipped glosscote due to the figures being dipped) and added alittle dead grass flocking some mold lines from the plastic showed thru..but not to bad. My buddy doesn't like the red edges to the base and thinks it should match the ground color but I'm not sure..I kinda like having the Trim Soviet Red.. I don't think the top ground basing will match the tables we play on anyways..


So I think I got the process worked out. I'm using Spackle instead of woodfiller on the base holes. once filled I press the mini's down so it creates a footprint that puts the integrated base at ground level without a visible lip.


When its almost white(dried) I pry out the figures and let the base spackle finish drying then using uniform grey colored primer prime them up.
After that sewer wash over the base then drybrush and paint little details.

I got a couple popsicle sticks glued together and got a stand made by a buddy so I can paint and dip them all as one and the stand makes it easier to hold the popsicle stick while painting.

I should be able to work on about 8 to 10 mini's and 4 bases all at the same time doing it this way. Using desert Yellow colored primer as a base cote for the figures seems to be working out fine

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so I got those guys painted..dipped and the bases painted and ready for assebly tomorrow after the dip dries. As well , I got the next two bases prepped and primed and the next set of 8 figures basecoat primed..
If all goes well .I should be able to do 2 teams a day this way....Red Bear Assembly line engaged




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so I got the first two teams glued down ..then used some hamilton beach sand and thinned out elmers glue to cover the integrated bases.

The color is really close to the same as the bases that I drybrushed..I still need to dullcote them and add some static grass.

But I'm wondering..think I should be blending in the sand with some brown and linen white paint drybrushed?
I did that for the HMG crews but I just dont' know if its a waste of time for so little difference on the dirt.

anyways opinions always welcome :)



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I got some more Fow figures done..finished of the first 4 smg teams as well as the 2 HQ teams and the command SMG team.
I really like the price and proportions of these little plastic soldier company soldiers..but what Im not crazy about is just how easy it is to accidently break off the ends of guns and fingers :( if you just put pressure on the wrong spot they fold over then crack off.
I tried adding a dab of red to the shoulder of the Officer and collars of the NCO for the command teams..I think it looks ok.



as well I got the first 8 tanks basecoated and 3 jeeps..2 gusts of wind launched them in the air then on the driveway so they have some very realistc weathering on a couple corners..



the next two smg teams,Heavy Mortar Command team observer team and Komissar team are all primed and ready for tomorrow.

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as always real life slows down my painting time :)

got the next 5 bases finished and guys attached..just need to cover the integrated bases seal and flock.

next 4 SMG teams are ready to be primed. and should be able to do that tonight.


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I got the next 4 SMG teams finished up I tried some freehand writing on the road signs..wow thats challenging to keep a steady hand on a textured surface..but Its a good learning experience and is legible at least

...I need to finish two more for tomorrow afternoons game and then I can move onto Mortar teams and anti tank guns.
I'm still waiting for another set of plastic rubble bases,large bases templates and decals to come in to work on other teams and I need the decals to finish the tanks. I hope they come in this week.

The long delays in delivery is one the problems I have with ordering things thru the local store..I want to support them and buy stuff there. But it ends up taking 5 weeks get getstuff delivered that I can get in 2weeks for the same price ordering online...



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