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I've really slacked off on the updates..I finished assembling all the su-122's(got the missing parts sent to me) the the last 3 BA-10 armored transports and third plane and color primed all the vehicles.


after that I got 8 more infantry teams done and should be ready to dip 4 more today.
2 on left are PTRD anti tank rifle teams, two on right are first 2 rifle teams


the next ones are all MG teams 2 standing caring it and two down shooting with a loader






maybe its a good thing i'm one of the folks that aren't getting their bones anytime soon..I might actually get all the infantry teams for FOW finished before they arrive.

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inspired by the mod done by the wwpd crew I'm trying to use the plastic dividers from a planno box to create a small insert base.

I glued in magnets into the truck,main base, and the bottom of the planno box mini base.
this way I can move the main AA gun from the truck bed to the portee base for when the truck is removed.






once the woodfiller is dried and I can clean up and sand the edges I'll be able to prime them all and start painting these for this months 1200pt league.

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You know...I've been trying to think of how to integrate my pirates and their dog onto a block of wood...and I've got a tub of wood filler sitting somewhere taking up space...


Might also get me to fill the nail holes in the kitchen window sill and paint it :)

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so got the last 4 infantry teams based dipped/dullcoted and flocked.
its 2 more rifle teams and two more MG teams(they're the 4 infront)
heres all the infantry teams so far


The Russian horde is filling out pretty nicely. I've dipped the DshK teams and painted the bases.they'll be ready for final assembly tomorrow night.
Im gonna do some more experimental flocking since they're not sculpted bases and if they work out ok I'll proabably do the rest of the large base gun teams the same way.

in the meantime I''ve started painting 2 more command teams,two more Komissar teams and another observer team. with league game tomorrow I probably won't finish painting and dipping them till friday.

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so got the 3 anti air teams finished.
overall I think they worked ok..i used some fine ground cover flocking instead of sand on these ..which seems to work just as well with some regular static grass mixed in...the magnets hold well I can pick both the truck and the base up by the figure just held by the magnets..
looks abit weird having sod in the back of the trucks..but what ya gonna do.its a reasonable compromise I think for a better gameplay resolution .I think i prefer the darker green for the gun itself and will use the darker green on guns for anti tank teams and mortars.

pics abit washed out due to lighting..but will do :)




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Got two generic Command Teams(good for 1iC and 2iC) a couple Komissar teams and another observer independent team for artillery.

I gotta admit..I'm feeling abit weary of doing these same guys over and over..
Might just need to take a break from these guys soon.. I just keep trying to remind myself that once the bones arrive I'll be overwhelmed in newness and to just keep at it and get these last sprews of infantry teams done.



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thx man..So far I've finished 43 Flames of War based teams so far..

still got about 14 infantry teams left..working on the next 4 Rifle teams atm.then it will be on to gun teams

I guess thats what ya get when you order bulk discount army bundles :unsure:


My Reaper master series 5-0 brush.has given up the ghost.it actually lasted along time..but its a goner now..at this scale I just find the RMS 0 is to bulky


from the recommendation in another thread I ordered some Rosemary&Co Series 33 brush's I tried the 2/0 tonight..its really nice..the hairs are longer then the reaper but they seem slimmer..the 0 seems like its 2/3rds the size of the RMS ones..


Heres hoping the point lasts long..I really love the shorter handles(don't hit the mag light so much )

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so been slowing down abit..but did manage to get the next 4 rifle teams finished


I got all the tanks build from the heavy artillery box set. 1 IS-2 and 4 ISU-122/152 .
I used magnets in the hulls and all the Gun barrels so I can use them in which ever configuration is convenient.

I used the armypainter army green colored primer on them and the last 2 SU-122's

i'm trying to see how I can speed paint the vehicles without to much fus(got about 24 tanks,10 transports and 5 armoured transports to get thru)

after the basecoat I tried a couple layers of drybrushing ablend of the army green with reaper tanned highlights.


after that I painted the details on the tank(wood trim,ropes etc) and the treads..the treads I did in a dark grey then used a wet drybrush tecnique to add gunmetal grey to the higher ridges that would be worn to metal.


after that I then used army painters Darkshade quickshade with a large brush to varnish the hull. I didn't do the wheels or tread since I need to flip t over for those parts after the roof section dries tomorrow.
When thats done I'll apply the decals and try some weathering pigments.


overall I thinjk it will do for tabletop quality. I wish the army green was russian green(deeper color) but for the speed I think it will do.
its still wet I'll see how it looks when its dry.

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