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So started on the winter argus. I decided to base coat it in a white with hint of orange mixed. only got first coat down before the fights started

my plan is to build up the orange and brown fur colors over top.

I think I won't be buying anymore colored primer at this point..when just doing base coating then dipping it made more sense. but now when trying to do more advanced painting I'm finding its just not practical.

so did a coat of red on the armor then dry brushed some bronze on it as a base and did one coat of cream color fur.


more to cometomorrow.


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ok that sounds like a plan, Winter Argus up next.

In keeping with the fall theme I'm going to attempt to do it like a Red wolf not a pure white wolf.

kinda like this coloring



I like the foxy colors of the Red Wolf you're aiming at. I also like the Cerberus concept of these model. Fierce Monster to be wrecking with. I'm yet curious to see the final result.

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got the base coat color down and found another picture to work towards as well as other one above.




I'm trying something which I have no idea if it will work or not but just trying to lay some shades down very quickly and building up colors without blending at all.

It feels more like how I did an oil painting when I was back in highschool honestly.

I have to go back and clean up the eyes and mouth more but just got the base colors down for those.











From there I'm thinking of trying to do a wet drybrush thats very short unidirectional strokes over the colors to blend and highlight and make it look more like hair and fur.

experimenting with some colors and short strokes on the lid of my wet palette look like this.




I've heard that you don't want your drybrush to be streaky but It might work in this regard.

I think my main concern is I'll loose all sense of detail in the model.


Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated as always.

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little more rough detail work this evening. tried to use some wash's to give definition to the teeth since I was gonna try and not dip this one.

as well used a flesh wash over the orange coat to see if that helps ..think its abit better tho it seems I'm gonna have to go back to regular wet layering to try and highlight abit before drybrushing fur.





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I like it so far, the right head looks so cunning. Are you planning to go with a traditional wash instead of the dip? I ask because I usualy go for the wash right after the base color, then I work the highlights. It will still work if you apply the shading now but you may need to rework the highlights.

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to be honest I've only tried some basic washes when i started painting but then switched to the dip method and haven't used them since..so my methodology is abit loose :) (I really need to watch some more tutorials on effective wash use)

I was just planning on washing abit here and there where things look to flat, over the armour once I finish painting that area for example, but wasn't planning on much more at this point. tho i can see using a brown/black wash over the wavy fur to add deeper shading now before dry brushing it..


I have a few bottles of secret weapon washes..but I'm either gonna have to buy a bunch more colors or just get some mixing medium and mix my own.


hmm gonna have to think some :)

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progressing abit more did some dry brushing of brown/blacks and lighter orange highights., had to redo and clean up the eyes and mouth abit.


I grabbed a few more bottles of secret weapon washes. and applied some sewer water on the back then a bit of blackwash down the middle of the head to tail.

After I used the new paint sample that arrived from reaper to try doing some light highlighting of the wavy fur..think its coming together pretty good. tho its loosing some of the orange vibrance from the fleshwash.







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not alot of time to work on this today its my Wings of War gamenight so I've gone back and cleaned up all the mess from the fur and think i'm pretty much done with it besides deciding to try and do a last coarse highlight on the smooth fur to leave hair lines..


Since I'm not dipping this one I think I need to rethink my armor abit. I have a base bronze coat down and was thinking of just doing an edge of gold highlight on the UP faceing edges..for the red part a light black/red wash againts the edges of the gold highlights to enhance the 3d if that makes sense..


Anyone think I need to add a light red or orange/yellow blend highlight to the red section of the back armor?

I'm kind of torn if it needs it..and would you do it after the wash or before?


I redid the teath with a parchment wash and white highlights..but not sure if theres enough constrast on the grinning head..I might go back with a brown wash and do it again.


But heres were we are so far...oh and found a grey polo shirt works great as a background for pictures..colors aren't so tinted now.



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Great job! It looks amazing. In my opinion it's always better to highlight after shading. It looks so nice already, I thought you were done with the wash. I also think a orange/red highlight would give more depth to the armor. The neutral grey background makes a good difference.

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I thought you were done with the wash.


Do you mean on the teeth? I was curious if parchment was would look better..but It might be too subtle. I've finished washes on the fur..but never applied any wash to the armor..was thinking it looks flat


I also think a orange/red highlight would give more depth to the armor.

I guess I have to decide either a gradient of the whole rounded shape ..basically one big central highlight ?, or just highlight within each exposed section of armor


I got some marigold yellow on a black friday order ..it might be really good for this.

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so finished putting a red-black wash over the armor which I think helped abit..its subtle but better. I added gold layer over the bronze as well, trying to just stick to the upper parts.


finished highlighting the claws and cleaning up lips abit I think the claws work..they look like my dogs heh.


Also finished the leather straps and all the steel rings and rivets. Did abit of work trying to clean up the last of the streaks from the wash on the fur.

I think I'm gonna skip trying to add a highlight to the red part of the armour

I think its done except sealing and basing


i just replaced the picture above with an updated one since they were so close

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