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Tsuko's Back on the Menu!


so after months of painting FOW soviets its time to return to Painting some 28mm figures.
just got the skin basecoat done..applied a couple layers before having to go out tonight...gotta say tho...feels good.
I'm excited to get back to the LTPK's and when they're done try out some Bones!



I'll probably just post updates in the LTPK2 thread...

I'm really gonna have to figure out who I have to ask about getting this thread renamed to Bloodydrake's WIPS...haven't painted a Circle figure in ages hehe

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empire of the dead has arrived and I got an itch to try and paint up zombie sherlock and watson.
Its oct gotta do it :)

got them pinned and primed and started dark basecoat color of flesh on Holmes.
gonna build up some highlights after with some olive green mixed with fair skin..see how that turns out.
for the eyes I figured I'd just invert the colors..leave the socket black and do a white/green dot.
I think its ok..I can't imaging trying to add a pupil to that








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thx Cash , I think Andy did some great work on sculpting all these for the Requiem KS.

I think almost all the stretch goals are Kickstarter exclusive(these two for example) which while awesome at the time,seems like such a waste if others can't ever get them,some of the KS stretch goal characters are pretty awesome looking figures.



Krule thx man! I was glad to finish the Soviets(tho..they're not really done..just the infantry units..but the vehicles can wait ;-)

its some sort of synthetic cork they use in cheap wine :) its more spongy and looks to be more fibrous



I think these are all more what they call truescale? like quite literally 28mm to the eyes compared to the heroic sizes of Reaper,Privateer Press and Wyrd (more 32mm) they seem abit small side by side and I'm not sure for gaming purposes I'll be able to mix and match them as I had hoped originally.

I had thoughts of being able to mix and match all the reaper bones chronoscope,EoD, Blackwater gulch figures together to make proxy gangs and crews for Malifaux,EoD and Blackwater etc.

I'll have to see how they look together on the table..



Regardless this guys fun to paint,got 2 basecoats on the trenchcoat done...the dark grey car primer might be too dark for my tastes..its almost black..really hard to get good coverage..might have to breakdown and get a bottle of black brush on primer and just start mixing my own light grey primer

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so heres Holmes fully basecoated I ended up using a blend of tanned shadow and olive green for the overcoat.

I think i'm gonna try and use the same shading technique as used on Tsuko's pants from the LTPK #2 then build back to the mid tones since this seems like a nice mid tone color.

for the magnifying glass I'm gonna try and use a cool blue wash and shade the upper section gradually from ghost white then maybe a pure white line arcing along the left edge..

I love that he's missing a shoe, tho it might not be obvious from this angle




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experimented with trying to create a rounded glass effect for the magnifying glass.its a little rough but It might work.
I used a 1:1 ratio of fair skin and olive green for the flesh highlights..Its pretty bright and pallid looking not sure if the skin needs any more.
mixed in 2 drops of blackened brown with 1 drop of olive green and one drop of tanned shadow with 8 drops of water to create the trench-coat shading wash . then used just the midtown blend to try and bring back the mid tones. It might need another thinned coat of mid tone before highlights but I like the shadow color

Welp here he is so far.



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I love the skin tone you achieved here-perfectly pallid and creepy. The wash you used on his coat was very effective and like yourself, I'd like to see you bring back some of those original midtones as that colour was excellent.


These figures have so much character and look like such fun to paint. I'm waiting for my friend Brummie to start in on his. He's been rabid about getting these in the post.

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thx Anne! I really like these guys as well..they have a great touch of whimsey added to the darker nature of them


I went back and applied another layer of mid-tone then added a little linen white to the mix and applied a slight highlight to alot of the edges.
i think i need to thin it down abit more and do some more broader highlighting ..but I don't want to overwhelm the mid-tones like i did on bertoks flesh


I'm having issues getting use to this new phone cameras auto brightening things abit..but this is pretty close to the actual colors.



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went back and applied some more highlights to the coat and shaded the bottom and inner area of the cuffs and added some brighter red highlights to the heart and the scarf.
I not sure about adding running blood effects over his hand these guys seem abit cartoony..i think gore effects might be to much..not sure tho

as well I tried shading and highlighting the magnifying glass abit and the shoe. Overall I think he's pretty much done unless something stands out to anyone that it needs more work.

oh I've never attached a figure to a base like this after painting..should I seal it with a gloss cote before basing..or just glue it down and then seal the whole thing?

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As long as you keep the colors realistic the gore would be awesome.


I'd definitely hit it with some varnish before handling it for basing. I forgot to varnish the gravedigger and messed him up pretty good, paint chipped off from a dozen spots :(


Sherlock is looking really good. My fiancee is a Doyle fan and she liked him ("except the zombie parts, but the paint job is nice" is her quote).

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