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found a website called http://www.gentlemansemporium.com

has all kinds of victorian outfits and steampunk outfits..perfect to get some ideas for color schemes!


I've had that bookmarked for years. I would love to dress entirely in Edwardian suits.


Great job on the detective and doctor! The bare foot continues to make me chuckle.



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with all these 19century figures its awesome from getting Ideas..if you and monkey have some other ones that have color pics please post them..


For Jack I ended up using a maroon color for Jacks Coattails.
Its a 1:1 mix of spattered Crimson and GW's Screamer Pink(which is more purple the pink)
The pants and vest I went with Dusky Skin for a nice mauve grey color.

theres a bump on the back of the cloak,which i thought was weird crease but I think its actually a molding error..but its in a recessed area thats curved..not sure how or if I should bother with trying to clean it up..looks like it needs a curved blade to ..

anyways here he is so far.



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got the flesh and eyes done..tho in retrospect I should have started with a darker color.
I used tanned skin then rosy then fair..I think the base color should have been tanned shadow..I was thinking he should be more pale..but the shadow color is still abit bright.

after that I shaded the pants and jacket with a mix of black wash and the color of the cloth
for the pants mostly shading the inner thighs and the slight creases. for the jacket the creases and the deeper parts under the arms and on the back under the cloak and crease.

for highlighting the pants I mixed in some vampiric shadow with the dusky skin but only did some slight highlights..I don't want to brighten pants to much and am worried broader more gradual highlights would wash out the color.

for the jacket highlights I've been using blends of screamer pink with blood red then a dab brain pink mixed into that brighter red mix for the final highlights..trying to not turn it all pink or use white..but I might need to use a bit of the darker maroon as a glaze to smooth it out.

Still need to use some grey to highlight the cloak and hat ..after dinner I'll try and tackle that.



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tried highlighting the black cloak and hat and shoes. using the noir black ..then adding some stone grey to it ..then the final highlight is just pure stone grey..trying to not go grey

as well i shaded the hair and the hairline trying to shade the face abit then highlighted the hair and the chain.

metallic shading will have to wait till tomorrow



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