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Go the last of the detail work and the blacks finished on Tom and got him gloss coted and drying till tomorrow to finish basing him.

in the meantime I prepped the next selection...The White Rabbit! she's a Master Illusionist or something.. I thought she looks cool.

Due to how thin the high heal shoes are on her I elected to just trim the slot base down to two pegs and use that in the base instead of pinning.
not sure how this will work out painting the base first..but Here goes nothing :)



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Here he is all based and dullcoted.Was debating making the sludge around the sewer green but thought eh maybe He just staked a vamp TrueBlood style and thats all thats left of one :)







Now gotta start working on a color scheme for the white rabbit. here is the official colors from the kickstarter



but I'm thinking something brighter..maybe turquoise..or royal purple.hmm..

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So ended up going with bright turquoise for the main body color with black pants and shirt sleaves and sash. and used aircraft grey for the overcoat and hat.
and yellowed bone for the.... well I honestly don't' know what the proper name is for the frilly skirt is :)

the aircraft grey dries more powder blue then grey..but i'm hoping a dark wash will tone that down... as well the turquoise might be abit to dark for a mid tone but I'll see what I can do.


again i didn't show enough restraint and not glue attach the cane and hand..now its being a pain to paint around..I should know better heh.


ah well heres just the basecoat



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tried highlighting the black cloak and hat and shoes. using the noir black ..then adding some stone grey to it ..then the final highlight is just pure stone grey..trying to not go grey


as well i shaded the hair and the hairline trying to shade the face abit then highlighted the hair and the chain.


metallic shading will have to wait till tomorrow



Just fantastic work I'm in awe of your skillz.

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so Rocksmith 2014 has its claws deep into me..its sooo much better then the original. but its cut down on my painting time..
I did get some more done..I painted over the coat with rainy grey then I made wash's for the coat the petticoat hair and turquoise pieces.

I got the face detailing done..tho i might need to go back and shade it abit more..I built up the mid tone and highlights on the coat..tho I think I need to do a glaze of the darker color to help clean up some of the transitions..its a bit rough atm.

but here she is so far.



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Ya at first I missed the career path from the original..but its really kind of still there they just changed it to the rocksmith recommends missions

I've just been mostly doing the requested missions in the 3 categories( guitarcade, learn a song, and session mode)

then decided to go thru and try and get gold on easy for all the songs flagged as favorites in score attack..which between importing all the songs from rocksmith 1 and dlc is gonna take awhile.then move up to medium and try and gold em all etc.


Score attack is so fun! glad they added a guitar hero game mode


and thx female faces are so much more challenging then male..i think the lip color worked out ok not looking to clownish.. :)

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