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Happy Holidays everyone


Its been a while since I painted anything and I guess its time to get back to it. and update the thread

I finished up a unit of reserve artillery 152mm for my Flames of War Soviets.


and then came to the conclusion im never gonna get to play any of the games from the kickstarters I supported unless I assemble them first and paint them later.

So I've gone thru and based and assembled all the Empire of the Dead figures I got. I realize now I should have bought the regular bobbies as well as the special branch ones..but live and learn

The bobbies I do have I used army painters ultramarine blue primer on them the rest I used a dark grey sandable primer then used white primer from above down on to them to create a black and white highlight area..I always wanted to try that tecnique and I think it looks great for playing till I get to painting them.





I've run out of assembly supplies before finishing all the Blackwater Gulch figures..still got about 12 figures to go..but almost there.

Overall they are pretty good tho there is definitely some scale issues..it seems the Secret fist was scaled down too small from their 3D master by about 10 percent ..they are abit on the tiny side..there's one giant fella in the Dockside drifters but otherwise they are pretty good.

I think due to using 3d modeling, instead of traditional sculpting, some of the details like gun barrels are abit to fine and will likely break off sooner then later..but beside these minor things they look great.





once I get some more superglue and plastic cement I'll finish assembly but for now Gonna try and get back to painting.

I've finished basecoating the Phantom used gory red for the cloak, yellowed bone for the mask,vampiric shadow for the shirt cuff,russet brown for the leather,hair and gold undercoat and finally dusty skin for the pants(apparently my new favourite pants color heh)



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Just went through the last couple pages. Nice work. I will have to look into those pdf buildings as they turned out pretty good. And great idea to use the zenithal technique to get them minis to a playable token level. I may end up doing that with my Blackwater Gulch mnis.

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thx KruleBear

ya i just found black or white primer or just metal is very hard to see on the gametable from standing distance and the zenithal(i knew there was a proper name of it) priming seemed like a good stage to get them to and that way I can just reach in a pic a figure I wnat to paint and its ready to go :)

I hope everything goes ok with that PoBoy Western Terrain indigogo campaign i went in it for the full town set..once they arrive should be able to try a few different western systems and see which one we like the best.

if it works out it sounds like he plans on doing a victorian town as well..i might hold off making more buildings to see what he comes up with..

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I just can't seem to build terrain and paint figures so If I can get cheap terrain I will :)


More Phantom progress


I applied some shading wash's and let them dry..then build the midtones back up then moved to detailing and highlighting

For the face I used tanned skin for the mid then tanned highlight for the highlights then a slight dab of linen white added to the tanned highlight.

I used abit of diluted red wash on the creases of the burned part of his head tho it doesn't show up well in the pictures.
after that I didn't do a lot with the pants other then cleaning up the midtown and slight highlights on the creases.

for the cloak I used blood red for the mid highlights up to fresh blood for the brightest..I might need a bit brighter just at the edges, but I dont' want to turn it pink.

The mask i used yellowed bone then highlighted up with some linen white up to pure white.

Still lots to do but here is progress for the day.No sure if I can get in anymore brush time till Sunday but I'll update if it happens.



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On the red cloak use a thin glaze of green in the deepest shadows. It will give you a great depth to the shadows. I cannot remember what i did to get the highlights up...my brain is telling me i lightened the red up with some light yellow, but it seems odd as i write it down.

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You did a cracking job on those Flames of War artillery units. The basing is perfect and I like the red around the edges. I've not seen that done before. I was wondering how those Blackwater Gulch figures turned out quality wise. I'm painting up a bunch of Knuckleduster right now and although they lack the detail of Blackwater, they still have loads of character.


The Phantom is coming along nicely as well.

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thx Anne I've done the whole soviet army with the redtrimmed bases..just to give it a bit more of Themed look i'm pretty happy with how they look and my ulterior motive was it makes it very easy to collect my figures off the board when we're done playing, were as the guys that do seamless flocking around the edges sometimes seem to really blend into the tabletop terrain :)


I spent some more time doing the highlighting and detailing on the Phantom

I ended up adding some marigold yellow(orangie yellow color) to the fresh blood to do the last slight highigts on the cloak..they're hard to see but I think they work without changing the tone of the cloak to orange to much.
for the leather trim i used lonestar leather over the russet brown and just added some linen white to the lonestar for the highest color on the mask strap and glove.
used some gw auric armour gold on the handle and cloak buttons then used armor wash to shade them and some newgold and pearl white to highlight.
The sword I used runefang steel some washes to shade and tried to use polished silver to highlight but I'm really struggling with the brighter colored reaper metalics..they seem more flat then metalics..I love all the other paints but something about the metalics aren't working well for me.
reguardless the sword needs some more blending between the shading and the brighter silver..its abit to abrupt .

for the black boots and shirt and cloak collar I just used noir black and blended in some stone grey progressively till just a touch of line white and stone grey for the tips.
for the hair I mixed some lone star leather and marigold for the mid tone and then some linen white to it to highlight the hair..seems pretty good as a sandy brown coloring

so here it is pretty much done except some tweaking of the sword.



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