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Thx all

Even tho this figure seems more inspired by the modern phantom based on the mask...I just love the original and adore the Red Death outfit Lon Chaney wore, so figured I'd give him a nice deep red cloak would work.

(The real Phantom)



I finished working on the sword and got the Phantom GlossCote'd and it should be dullcoted tomorrow.

I moved on to Basecoating Tatu the Half Vampire. I pretty much stuck with the cannon color scheme for her.
I used Soft Blue for her shawl and nightmare black for the hair..a mix of splattered crimson and imperial purple for the maroon corset, vampiric shadow for the petticoat and tanned skin and Army Painters Gunmetal for the gun and knife.

Heres progress so far.



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got some shading wash's done on Tatu but still gotta bring up the midtones.

as well got all the varnish cotes done on the The Phantom. The sword looks abit better now

I need to find a new background tho..I really find this iphone 5s wash's things out with this grey..i need something abit lighter so i don't have to do so much color correction




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Maybe a light tan/beige background would work better. I also use my iPhone 5 for all my pics and have a few different backgrounds depending on the colors of the mini I'm taking pics of. Also, I've found that if I run the figures through GIMP and use the auto white balance that they look a LOT better, so when I post my final pictures they are always ran through GIMP first, the WIP I don't worry about doing that for.

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I'm trying with some alternative colored backgrounds and am having abit more success.


I spent some more time on Tatu.
i used wash's to shade most everything. Black wash mixed with some of the base color of the cloak.
blackwash for the hair, a thinned down blackwash on the peticote..
I tried some black ink on the gun metal and I think I like how inks react with the metallic paint.
After that I used a blend of ruddy brown and tanned shadow for the flesh shading.

I used the tanned triad to work up the flesh tone and blacked brown to shade the eyes and try and emulate the eye and arm tatoo's she has in the source art..The tats are abit rough(freehand newb that I am) I think I can use some tanned highlight to try and clean up the edges on the shoulder and eyes later.


after that used the vampiric skin triad to highlight the peticote. used yellowed bone on the handle of the gun and gory red on the heart on the gun.
Still lots to do but heres progress so far.

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Hmmm, i have tried tattoos maybe five times and yours are 1000x better than my best attempt. One recommendation i have heard, biput never tried is to go over the tat with a glaze of your mid tone. It helps give the impression of tatoo ink in the skin rather that paint on the surface of the skin.

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thanks KB, i did go over the edges of them in a couple spots to try and clean them up with the tanned highlight. I ended up using blackened brown for the tat color..it was thin enough were its at the point of slightly transparent so seems to do a good job for a color.


I touched up the black ink and spots where the metal was showing thru on edge of cloak.think i was rubbing it when turning figure in my hand and added gold to the knife handle, overall I think I'm satisfied with her as is.

Kinda a medium time job on her,but not feeling the urge to spend more time tweaking her.

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I agree, those are good looking tats. I've only done it once with glowing tats, but I see so many cool ones being done by other forum members like yourself that it makes me want to try to do some on one of my figurs.


Keep up the great work BD!

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thx uber!

I spent a little time on the specimen base coating him.
I used olive green for the skin tones, golden brown for the roots,denim blue for the pants and vampiric shadow for shirt.
He's an intriguing figure I quiet like the look of him.I got most of the base painting finished but I'll probably wait to the end to do the final highlights incase I need to reapply the mid towns while painting the main figue

Here he is so far




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I got some free time tonight so i made a dark blue wash for the pants..tho it didn't turn out as dark as i had intended I'll just have to build up the mid tones and highlights more..
for the flesh I used some sewer water wash mixed with peacock green for the shading..its abit streaker then I'd like not sure why that happened.

so after that I tried blending in the midtones for the flesh ..then added some marigold yellow to start the first layer of highligting..then after added some linen white after and then a mostly linen white with a touch of the light green color for the beard and peak highlights..

I really don't know what to do about the color of the eyes..right now they're just shaded and I kinda like them murkey and dark

welp here he is so far.



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The deep black of the eyes does look good and if you want to add a color a red or reddish purple will look good, if you want to replace most of the black, or, if you want to keep that black, go with a color like yellow or orange that will stand out against the darkness without having to use much.

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