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thats a good idea Monkeysloth.. I want to keep it mostly dark but sunflower yellow or some flowering color for the eyes might work with the plant stalk coloring of him..

his head does kinda look like a lip-less skull but im not sure, think i should make the ridge more teeth like right above the beard stuff?

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Got to spend some more time on this botanical hero.I ended up just using a dull linen white/yellow blend for the eyes..but didn't put pupils..


I used vampiric shadow for the shirt shaded it with a watered down black wash and built up the colors just adding white..seemed to make sense.

for the pants I used ashen blue to blend up the highlights from the denim blue. just regular black and grey for the shoes.
for the wrapping vines I added yellow to the brown to lighten the tops but the last brown wash might have flattened alot of that..but I like the darker brown for tree's and roots that the wash gives.I just blended in the same yellow to the brown on the spine ridge to highlight it and added a #71 to the id tag hanging on his wrist.
Think its pretty much done except for the gloss and dullcotes. Heres pic with more angles..he's got alot of ridges and stuff going on...kindal like a green pinecone




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Some nice work on these last few figures. I quite like the reds on the Phantom, and Tatu has some nice tattoos; that's one of my favorite things to freehand, they can be loads of fun.


Plant guy came out really well. Nice job on that shirt, the dingy white effect came out very nicely. I might think about doubting some dirt into the hems of the jeans, he seems like he's in an environment that might happen.


Is Green Plantern from a particular line for a game, or just a random figure?

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thanks folks..sorry didn't reply sooner seems to be an ISP dns issue going on..coudn't connect to the forumns till i set my vpn to connect thru texas server.


The figure is one of the Kickstarter bonus figures from the Empire of the Dead line, I think he was a prototype for a new faction but just became a bonus figure.

One of the location/scenerios in the game is a London Botanical gardens area with a bunch of mutant plants..this guy certainly could be related to the that and was probably experimented on with infrinium( red crystals that are cause of all the steampowered"magic" in the game universe)


some dirt flocking isn't a bad idea at all and would look great. I didn't know if the vines that are carring him are part of his body and he's walking Doctor Octopus style or if they are ground roots that are picking him up ..Poison Ivy style.


Oh and "Green Plantern" so awesome! thats his name from now on

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I think Iron Head Ned is gonna be the next I work on should be pretty straight forward..gonna try to do abit different tone of brown for the coat
He's a fun looking guy to do I think.
Here he is primed up and ready to basecoat



and just as abit of a progress so far on the EOD figures, long way to g,o but as a whole I think they're working out..I'm trying to not use the exact colors over and over ,was worried about the dusky skin for the pants for example..but it looks pretty good as a group so far.
the Green Plantern is definitely the least unassuming of the lot heh.


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Those look awesome.  My poor Bobbies are still laying over there waiting for me to get around to putting them on bases...


A note on The Specimen. If you watch through the video Andy posted of what "didn't make it" in update 82, you can see his take on several more advanced stages of the Specimen. As these pics are labels "Empires of Mars" it may be that the Specimen is some sort of alien plant thing. There was picture of a :specimen skull spore", so perhaps it can infect and mutate humans....

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OH! I hadn't considered it was a podperson from Mars aka Invasion of the Body Snatchers..that could be fun to.

I ordered a second set of Supernatural Branch bobbies and am gonna try and convert a couple into figs that are missing from the line(Dog handler and Chaplin specifically) and then gonna just mod the weapons of 4 to convert to regular Bobbies with billyclubs..hopefully it goes well

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Its been a while since I updated. Between work and Rocksmith I seem to be slacking off alot

I got the rest of all the blackwatch gulch figures assembled over the last couple weeks.

the Serenity crew were especially frustrating to assemble..the small hands on the doc were separated at the wrist instead of the elbow..which just didn't leave enough material to pin. none of the arms or hands had nibs to help attach with all were flat cuts.
 the feet weren't really attached to the slot bases..they were raised off on these very thin stalks that were more star shaped then round or square..so had to drill them all as well the shotgun on the back of Jayne wasn't keyed at all so had to try and file  slot to glue to.
They're done but took alot more time to clean and assemble then all the rest.

Indiana Jones is ok but I ended up bending reshaping the whip so it touched the hat and the back of the sleeve as well as his hand..I think it still looks ok and with 3 contact points shouldn't break so easily.

The rangers were better and got them all assembled except the civil war gun which I can't see assembling till its all painted so thats what I'm working on. The base is finished and just need to paint the metal over the black basecoat, do some metallic highlights(probably dry brush) then glue it down to the base.




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