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I got the metallics finished and dry brushed some highlights thru the 3 tones of army painter metallics I have. then used the sewer water wash to shade the wood. I used black ink to shade the metal..Its a good look for an old gun like this one.
Not sure how much more detail work I want to do on this one ...welp here it is so far.



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I finished up basecoating IronHead Ned. I get a definite western feel from this figure. I ended up using ruddy leather for the jacket, denim blue for the pants lone star leather for the boots and oiled leather for the belt and gun holster. Used gun mental over black for the metal bits and Oldwest rose for the bandana,tho I think I'll go more red with white in it..pink isn't really want I was going for. Used same basic technique to dry-brush the cobblestone but tried building up the highlights on the fern abit more ..might have done to much.will let it sit till I've finished with rest of figure and if need be I'll use a green glaze to tone it down abit.



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