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3389 Deckard Nightveil, Death Priest - New painter

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You're off to a great start! Did you do some blending on the lower edge of the loincloth/tabard?


It looks like you've already developed some brush control. If you're after the best looking models, I'd definitely recommend thinning your paints as described in "Let it Flow". It's something I wish I would've done when I was just starting out!

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Agreed. With metals you want really strong contrasts, more then you'd expect, and adding blue or purple as one of the washes really helps define the metal more. Don't be afraid to do multiple washes, or dare I say glazes (same consistency of a wash but less on the brush and more controlled placement, of varying intensity and color to get some shading going. It's rather quick and simple to get it looking good and with an extra hour or so of work this guy's armor could look 100x better.

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The most important thing to note when first thinning your paints, is to remove the excess paint from the brush. If you touch your fully loaded brush to the mini, a deluge of paint will leave the brush and "ruin" your work. If this happens you can use another damp brush to sop up your mistake.


Once you start thinning your paints and learn brush control, you'll have an exceptional basic skill set that you can use to learn every other painting technique out there!


They sky is the limit!

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