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Basecoats complete!


Step 7 con't:

- Finished up Bertokk's basecoats. Blackened Brown for the rest of the axe handle, Oiled Leather for his hair, necklace, and axe ... bit. Fixed up his lining where necessary, and touched up some of the metal and leather in various places.






- Nymph basecoats. I decided to have a little fun with the color scheme, since I'm not a huge fan of the sculpt. Top is Gem Purple, bottom is Bright Turquoise, and her jewelry and starfish are Entrail Pink. Shell pendants are Bronzed Highlight. Her hair is an interesting process so far. The base was Oiled Leather, darkened with a bit of Blackened Brown. Then I washed it with Ruddy Brown, which wasn't enough red for me. I washed it again with some red-brown mix that Slashhamster made for his orcs, and I don't remember what he said was in it, but it gave me a more auburn tone, which is what I wanted. I also gave her a bit more of a top than is sculpted, partly because I started to paint the straps and the purple just went everywhere. The other part is because, good lord, does every third female have to be mostly naked?






Next time, some highlights. I don't know who gets them first yet. Perhaps I will roll dice for it.

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So its time for LTPK4!

I got both figures cleaned and primed.
Just finished up the lining for Bertokk .. this kit seems to just focus on the advanced skin techniques and I guess your suppose to use what you've learned to date on the other bits..should be fun

next up some flesh basecoating.



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yeah. That was one of the things I didn't really care for with the last two L2PK's they seemed a little too focused, and didn't have as many details, at the same time, the details for what they focused on where clear and to the point. In the end,I think it balances itself out with the beginner ones.

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ya at first i was like huh? but i think its their way of taking the training wheels off...which is ok

these are fun to paint..since they're ment to experiment and learn on I don't have any expectations for them.


i got two coats of tanned shadow down but its still abit transparent in places so gonna apply a third coat when I get home..i think i thinned it abit more then what was necessary

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so got the third coat of tanned shadow applied...i think that did it for good coverage...
as well spent some time and got the mouth and the eye done..i seem to have an issue with being off center when I paint the eyes..
but I think its ok to leave as is instead of doing it over.

next up first layer of highlights


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Very little to report, and no pictures because I forgot.


My latest progress on Muscle Man: Highlights all around. I felt clueless on the metal bits. I'm trying my hand at some steel-ish NMM. The armor bits are coming along ok. More highs is what I keep hearing, so I'll go back and do that on him. I wussed out on the bits that I based as gold, and painted them Ancient Bronze. It was like metallic toothpaste, and I think I will not do that again. I also painted up his base sort of muddy brown and painted the rocks with one of the grey shades I was using for the armor.


My latest progress on Ariel the Nymph: I painted her base a sandy color. I was playing with sculpey for a different base, so I also gave her some beach debris in the form of a tiny starfish and a sand dollar. Those have been painted also. I washed her shell jewelry with a mixture of Brown Wash and Flesh wash. I'm not sure if they look right. The plan for her base involves some water effect goo to make it look like she's standing at the edge of the surf. We'll see how that goes.


Does anyone else feel silly painting sand sand color and rocks rock color?

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applied the first layer of bertok's highlights using tanned skin..which i guess is actually the midtone and not a highlight but you all know what I mean.
its a challenging technique pulling towards the center from the edges..I'm not sure if I was suppose to be feathering in towards the highpoints or doing a more deliberate drag..but I tried feathering. and it seemed to work.
I only applied one layer..i guess thats whats needed and then I'll next apply the highlight layer.
Here we are so far.



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applied the second highlight layer..its abit stark..i guess thats why they suggest a potential glaze for the next step.. I think in general tho I'd rather thin out the paint abit more then the 2 to 1 ratio it recommends.. but this is the first mini where I've not used a wash to do the shading so I guess its gonna take some getting use to.





from a short distance it looks good tho honestly.

guess I gotta decide to either glaze and redo the highlights or just move on to basecoating the rest of the figure.


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