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So, I think I've got my first warband for Song of Blades & Heroes just about ready; post-8164-0-80077900-1351642968_thumb.jpg Four human warriors and a magic-user for back up. Here's young HaldirHalmar, after work at last night's Paint Night (I also did the Tanned Shadow basecoat for my ghouls/ghast). Rosy Skin for the flesh, P3 Skorne Red for the robe, and Linen White for the sleeves. I was originally planning on using the Linen White as a base, then putting Sun Yellow over top, but I actually like the red and white together.




And here we are with the flames being worked on; Blood Red for the base, then a mixture of Sun Yellow and Blood Red (in an attempt to make orange) over that, and then Sun Yellow above that. It's... a work in progress.


I'm attempting to use my actual camera (Canon PowerShot IS) for these pics, rather than my camera, and I'm having some issues being... not blurry. =/ There's a bunch more pics attached to the end of this, for comparison.






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I see some improvement from your previous posts. Good job! I like how you picked out the details on the belt.


I would focus more on creating contrasts on your mini, both shading and highlighting. You would've been served well by a light black wash on the shirt for example.


For flames, it's sometimes tough to get your point across. To make it abundantly clear, your innermost portion of the flame (closest to the source), should be your lightest i.e. pure white or linen. Then it should fade yellow>orange>red>dark red as you reach the outermost/highest parts of the flame. Keep it in mind for the next time you paint flame. If you don't like it you can always paint over it.


Keep at it!

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I did mean what I said though...

So did I, I really am taking your advice to heart. ::): Just did a black ink wash (almost a glaze) to get some shadows in the shirt and robes, after my earlier attempt (a wash using Carnage Red - turns out it was too close to P3 Skorne Red to really tell the difference) didn't do much good. Think you'll like the result.


...I am seeing improvement from your previous posts.


Thanks, practice makes perfect, right? ^_^


The details on the belt, BTW, was white-drybrush-over-black-primer. I am love, love, loving that technique... so many good things. I've done the belt pouches in either Ruddy Leather or Oiled Leather now, and I'll probably hit them up with some Brown Ink in a bit.

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It's tough to do washes with lighter colors. It's better to start light and wash multiple times than to do one heave wash and ruin your detail. I usually do a base coat, then a wash (or two), then start highlighting. I'm trying to get more into blending myself. It's a tough transition to make when you have all of these bad habits!

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Put your camera on something to get it level with the mini, then take the shot. Use the timer if the camera has one.


With flames, you will see that "reverse highlight" advice a lot, but it isn't necessarily true, flame is one of the hardest things to paint on a mini because in reality it is translucent and moving and looks different according to how hot it's burning and what is burning.


Big fires, like bonfires, tend to be clearly brighter at the base etc, while smaller flames often have pretty even colouration as far as the human eye can observe just to further add confusion.


So my advice when painting fires is "paint it so it looks like fire to you". :)

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Fire is very challenging, and I think in general are boosted up in terms of authenticity through the use of OSL glow.


I'd like to suggest using brown washes for shading in the reds, oranges, and yellows as this tends to add a more natural transition of color.


I also agree with OC's camera advice!

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Despite some... setbacks, I haven't abandoned this guy, not yet. ::): Straightening the fire lead to some cracking, so I went back over the flame with red-red/yellow-yellow again. The fire isn't the most awesomest thing that ever awesomed and awesome, but overall I like the effect, and I'm willing to settle with it for now. Did the skin bits with P3 Flesh Wash, then highlighted again with Rosy Flesh; touched up the robe highlights with Blood Red, which also managed to blend fairly well with P3 Skorne Red. Huh. I think I'm willing to field him and let him rest a bit now while I move on to finishing Bartokk from L2PK4, oh and the Bones Ogre, and those ghouls whose skin I did, and those Highlanders and...


Also, I'm back to work and it's National Novel Writing Month. So... updates will be a bit more infrequent than they have been of late.






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