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01414: Grim Reaper - Just in time for Halloween!


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Great work on the black and red robes. I still don't have a good grasp of painting a black cloak like that. Excellent.


Now for some criticism, aimed straight for your heart. You're one of the newer posters 'round here doing excellent work on Reaper models from the back catalog, and helping that Ed Pugh and those meddling Reaper kids take all my money.


Shame on you.


All kidding aside, the whole of the piece is outstanding, from the gravestone, the rats, the book, the scythe, and the skeletal face. Kings to you on this one!!!!

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Looks great.


My one comment is with the tombstone cross. The vines look nice but the engraving and embossing on the stone don't stand out at all. A weathered stone is a lot easier to read because there's dirt in the cracks, moss/mold build up where water sits, etc. I think a wash or a few more if you did one or two, would make the difference there. The highlighting on the stone is solid. Of course, it could just be the camera/lighting.


Do you have a 3/4 top shot you can post? It looks like you got some kind of text on the book. I have the Merc Mage with an open book and I am still working on how to treat the pages.

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Thanks for the "likes" and compliments!


@ joshuaslater- I'm not really a new poster, but my finished minis are so few and far between that it may seem that way. lol

I'm usually always lurking though. ::):


@Thrym- Ya, the headstone got kind of washed out.

Didn't help much that my sealer fogged it over and I had to paint it over again too.

Thanks also for pointing out the dirt/moss/mold in the cracks.

For some reason my brain didn't even think of that.


Here's the pic you asked for as well.

The writing is actually part of the sculpt.

Hope it still gives you some ideas. ::):



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Actually, it does. I was working out what to put on the mage's book on paper in a measured space. The rising sun image was the missing piece of the page. We'll see how it turns out when I micro-pen it in place.


And the alternate view gives me a better look at your cross' bas relief. Nice figure overall. We have a cross similar to that one in a nearby cemetery.


One thing I also noted in your top down shot is that your basing is a uniform green. It needs some other greens, yellows, etc. to break it up.


Keep up the great work.

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Thanks again for all the C&C!


@Thrym- Thanks for the link to Jabberwocky's post.

His take on headstones looks great!

I've never tried that kind of effect before, so I think some practice pieces would be in order for me.


You are welcome. Good timing on Jabberwocky's part.

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