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02788, Leorelex the Dragon Lion (WIP)

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When you build your water layer, can you add some floating seaweed in addition to waving attached weeds? I agree the white is a bit bright- it pulls the eye to the face, which is a bonus, but I'd tone it down just a tad. Let the teeth be the brightest, most noticeable part. I love the seashells! This is going so well!

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Wow, just a few more adds and this is really coming together fast for you! What I meant about the highlights is from top of the mini down, where are the highest highlights...the face with the added white doesn't give any depth at all = top of the eyes, top of the cheek and nose, top of the hindquarters and shoulders sorta highlights, I think a nice glaze over the white highlights will tone them down a bit, and go darker glaze in the shadows and work at putting the depth in.


Those shells are perfect! perhaps another rock or two to break up the flat sand, and adding veg is a grreat idea. So we're all still watching! Keep going! :-)

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Thanks for your comments everyone.


As you'll see, I didn’t have time to read your comments before proceeding.

I went even more crazy on highlights. White highlight on the wings, the spine scales, the legs and the fur.

I like the way he stands shining at the sunrise from the shore, about to jump and fly hunting for his favorite fish.


I worked on the fur, added orange/brown and black spots on the mane and completed with a thin white highlight.

I also repainted the eyes, Green to yellow blend with white dots.






I now need to focus on the water. I was wondering if I should paint the sand this way and use transparent water.

I can paint something like this.



Or, do you think it would be better to just dye the Realistic Water effect?

It could look like this.



I need to make some tests, I’m not sure at all.

What do you think?

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paint the sand and some of your rock like in the first pic you have there. pretend there is a layer of slime where the water will be (like the shore looks at low tide) and you can gradually darken the color under your arch. I don't think you can get enough color into the water effect to look as realistic without this. plus, when you tint the water with an ink it's a uniform color. your layering won't be deep enough to get a graduated effect you see with deep water. I don't know how dark to make the sand, though. wait for the others...

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If youre planning to test it on something else beforehand anyway to make sure it doesnt go wrong, I would probably try both - have a subtle bit of paint on the sand and a little dye in the water effect.


Subtle is the key, though. The sand to me implies that this area is relatively shallow and calm (If waves came in this far youd be left with more of a bare rock), which means not as much colour and darkness as for deeper water.

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Subtle is the key, though. The sand to me implies that this area is relatively shallow and calm (If waves came in this far youd be left with more of a bare rock), which means not as much colour and darkness as for deeper water.


I agree with this idea, and chaosscporpion's picture helps to lend credence to this thought. Your water tinting this close to the shore line needs to be really faint; I'd say almost more like foggy water than blue.

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If the weather is good on Sunday I'll try and shoot over to a nearby island and take some photos. With calm weather for a few days at close range tropical water can be near invisible for a couple of meters. Those big green/blue pictures are taken from a long way away but up close the water just doesn't necessarily look like that.


Also that algae idea is more common in polluted water near cities, here in the tropics we see little or no algae on the rocks like that, the water is just too clean.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I think Chaosscorpion came up with a good picture of what the final result may look like. I like the water line idea too. I’m starting to have a clear image of what I’d like to achieve.


I’m now preparing two tests, I just glued the sand in sample receptacles. When the glue will be dry I’ll paint the sand from one of the sample and pour transparent Realistic Water on it. The other sample will only receive dyed Realistic Water straight on the sand.


Here’s two other pictures for the model. I painted the snail shell pink/red but I’m really not sure if I should add algae. I feel that the lichen I’m using is too big. Maybe I should cut it a little shorter.





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Notice that everything is underwater.


Notice that only where the water is really deep (greater than a 3 meters/yards most likely) is there any blue affecting things at all.


The blues, browns and greens most people associate with water are because of impurities or water depth or the bottom (in the add of pools). The water itself when clear and pure only looks blue after 3 or more meters of it are there when its clean.

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...The water itself when clear and pure only looks blue after 3 or more meters of it are there when its clean.

Wonderful picture, thanks for sharing ObsidianCrane.


I completed my Realistic water tests and it's obvious now I'll use clear water.


On the first picture the product was still fresh.

It's dry on the two last pictures. The pictures talk for themselves.


See the results, I added too much paint in the first one.

As it was just a test, I also mixed white glue in it to see how it would react.


Personaly, I prefer the painted sand and clear water version.







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