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Playing Cards with Monster Art!


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Im confused by the $16 pledge level and the related description in the main text...


You can always, for any pledge of $9 or more, add another deck of CREATURE CARDS for $7. Don’t forget to add $1 to the shipping total for international orders.
TWO CREATURE CARD DECKS! Free shipping to anywhere in the US. International Orders please add another $8. Want more decks? Each additional deck adds $7/deck and for international orders $1 in shipping.


The main text says any extras above the first deck, add another $1 international shipping. The $16 pledge is the same price ($9 + $7) but says you only need to add $1 for additional packs beyond the 2 included in the pledge level.


Why offer extra decks with the $9 pledge if the $16 pledge is identical but $1 cheaper? Or conversely, if the description at the $16 level is an error and youre supposed to add $1 for the second deck as well, why have the $16 level at all since its the same as the $9 level?


Im loving the art so far. I think the Spades are my favourites.

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First, thanks for your support, your interest and your kind words.


Let's see if we can clear this up. For US orders:


If you want one deck -- $9. Free shipping within the US. Add $8 for international shipping.


If you want two decks -- $16. Free shipping within the US. Add $8 for international shipping.


If you want three decks -- $23. Free shipping within the US. Add $9 for international shipping.


If you want four decks -- $30. Free shipping within the US. Add $10 for international shipping.


And so on.


Does that clear things up?


Gary McBride


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Does that clear things up?


Yep ^_^ Thats pretty much what I figured.


My only additional point is I worry that your main text which says you can add extra decks to "any pledge of $9 or more" could confuse people. If someone doesnt notice the $16 level youll end up with $25 (9+7, plus 8+1 shipping) instead of $24 (16, plus 8 shipping) pledges and have left over $1s to deal with. Theres no reason anyone would ever need to add a deck to the $9 level instead of the $16 level.

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My family plays some kind of game each week (card, board, etc.) and we're all various types of fantasy gamers (video, rpg, etc.) so for those nights when we play Poker I pledged this deck.


Should make for interesting wild cards ... "All Giants wild!"

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