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Bones LTPK

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I wouldn't mind seeing one Bones one metal, but not both Bones.

I personally feel that metal is easier to learn with, compared to the polymer, and that is the point of the kits.

I'd rather see separate kits for Bones that might focus more on creatures or unnatural things, rather than change the existing kits. That way, it would be easy to explain what a new painter might expect when painting the polymer after painting metal.

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First page even.


They were numbered in the order they came out, which was not necessarily the order of learning. Changing numbers at this time would be... difficult.


We are going to change the format of the LTPKs when the KS Bones are available, and the LTPKs will include Bones figures instead of metal, a new guidebook utilizing both the new figures and several years of experience at working with beginners to make it clearer and easier to use. Possibilities of including a DVD or Flash Drive with painting videos have been discussed, and are still open here.

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This rocks being a amature painter I think it would be awsome for the newbies to get more for their buck. Plus you ALWAYS have left over paints in the sample pots that end up going to waste


Since they've been providing full-size dropper bottles, this has been less of an issue. ::):

I was referring to the sample pots the dropper bottles actually do a better job at keeping the paints fresh than I thought they would, but the samples you get tend to dry up probally because they are in a cheaper container
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I was referring to the sample pots


Last Knight was referring to the fact that the Learn To Paint Kits recently havent had any sample pots in them - they have all been (temporarily?) replaced by full size dropper bottles because of issues with the supplier of the sample pots.


If Reaper continue using all full size bottles, then the sample pots obviously arent going to be a problem.

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