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Superfogeys KS


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A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU needs to go out to Dave Pugh, Ed Pugh, and Ron Hawkins without whom, none of this would have been possible. You guys truly are AWESOME!!  ::D:  


The Reaperfolks are GRRRRREAT!!! They've created wonderful minis and an outstanding hobby community.

Their hardwork and going beyond the norm is much appreciated!


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From Facebook:


We have a miniatures line available for sale. It is one that has historically done well, and certainly could again. Sculpted by Award Winning Sculptors Bob Charrette and Sandra Garrity. If you are a miniatures manufacturer and want to add a substantial new line (42 SKUs already on mold!) to your product offerings, please contact me directly. I am hoping to do this quickly, so please contact me right away.


All superheroes.


Also he has a job now so maybe he might actually fulfill if he sells his line.

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<- This is me, not holding my breath.  He's completely ignored his backers for months, despite logging on.  He has cried poor, while backing multiple Kickstarter projects while failing to follow through on his own.  If I get something from him I will be pleasantly surprised.


Until then...


I'm gonna go play with my totally Super Care Package.

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