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50165: Decker Lugstampf - White Knight Conversion

Jordan Peacock

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Chronoscope #50165, "Decker Lugstampf, Steampunk Hero," painted up as a steampunk "White Knight" for a "Wonderland No More" scenario.



Just for pure silliness, I took a spare plastic Warhammer Fantasy barded horse head from my "bitz" box, and hollowed out the base with a conical Dremel cutter tool, so that I could fit the head as a helmet over the "White Knight's" head. I left it as a separate, removable piece, though of course all it takes is a light bump of the table and off it falls! (I suppose that's not entirely out of character, considering the White Knight's canonical depiction in Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. But then, there really isn't anything else "canonical" about this guy.)



I used this fellow for my "Avarice in Plunderland" scenario for Necronomicon 2012 (in St. Petersburg, Florida -- http://www.stonehill.org/necro.htm), ostensibly acting as the "ship's engineer" for the sailing vessel Snark Rider. No, this particular sailing vessel did not actually have an engine. I suppose, given enough time, the White Knight could cobble one together, so that he could justify his own employment, but otherwise he was quite capable of earning his own keep by whacking enemies with that wrench of his, or simply taking over one of the ship's cannons.


The base is a resin War Cast Studios "industrial" 25mm round base (http://www.warcaststudios.com) that I opted to paint up in a red-and-white checker-square pattern, in an attempt to tie into the "Chessman" theme.

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