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scratch built western buildings

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Made these for my local game store for a gaming event. Currently working on my own table for my homebrew western rules using reapers cowboys set. Not really anything special but thought what the hell Id toss them up here if gave anyone inspiration.








Hotel, barbershop, general supply shop










side shot of stairs and follws is the back of the building row.






parttime Townhall/school/church and mayors office








didnt realize this one so blurry, but I did like how the wire work over the windows came out






Dont ask me how I got this wavy effect.. apparently I was born to be special effct photographer.. but as see bellow the building

is not that way



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i could so see my khador or even space marines or warlord units garrisoning that town waiting for an attack of unknown proportion or size.



edit: also i could see an adventurers party going into a ghost town to investigate sitings and rumors

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Very nice! What materials did you use?


Balsa wood and cereal boxes ;)



Thanks for the nice words everyone. Im still learning as go along, but each building I do can feel improvements.


Good to know I've used the paper milk cartons before for small buildings but didn't think about the cereal boxes.

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