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Reaper 2012 Secret Sophie Holiday Gift Exchange!


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Alright, I've started receiving some lovely messages from lucky folks starting to get their presents!


Here's how this will work, since most everyone is being so dang quick about it.


If you have both sent and received your gift for this thing, feel free to post a pick of your haul and say thanks to your secret Sophie!

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Well, looks like I'm first to send and receive. I'm always early to the party....


Anyhow, I am quite surprised and happy with my haul. No pic of it all together, but I received the following:


Brigitte: Naughty Maid

Ghostly Summons

Castarci: Female Fighter

Coral, Mermaid


Now to get painting... more....

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Wooo I sent mine out already, and as of today's mail, received my SS gift! The person had it mailed straight from Reaper with a note that said it was from the exchange. The person didn't give their posting name or anything, but their email is on the receipt. And it maybe has a form of the name "Dave" in it, and he's maybe just posted his haul above me, so thanks Dispatchdave for my lovely http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/toadman/sku-down/03030 Unless it was someone else, then I guess I gotta thank anonymously :ph34r: This was probably the mini that garnered the most discussion in the thread where I asked for suggestions on unique pieces, and it's every bit as cool as I thought it would be!

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I received my Secret Sophie gift! Well, we think it is. It came straight from Reaper, and there's No note...

My husband doesn't think he ordered any minis in my name accidentally... but he also doesn't remember what he ordered for me. He just says 'a lot'

So here it is!


Bella, Steampunk Heroine

Mad Scientist (female)

Shadow talon, Super Hero

Sasha Dubois, Time chaser

And three mouslings! Savage, Duelist, and Pirate!


Reaper also threw in some Mystery Paint, and a bottle of Christmas Wreath!


I'm so happy! Whomever sent this, thank you so very, very much! :wub:

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Yay! I received my awesome Secret Sophie gift and it is way too awesome! My box had...








The Babu was painted and based really beautifully, so I'll get a snapshot of it as soon as possible and post that up!


Whoever you are (I was trying to cheat to match your address to my exchanges lists. No luck!) THANK YOU so much, you're awesome! I've already put together the sleigh and plan on painting the sleigh, Sophie, and the gifts all separately and put them together when they are done. It's going to be so much fun. It also gives me something great to post into the End-of-the-Year Holiday Paint Challenge thread, which makes it doubly cool ::D:

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Ha ha, I know who your secret santa sophie was, and they tricked you with a relative's address because they knew you'd cheat!


Also, it wasn't me because it didn't come with a stanky sock. Also I totally didn't even sign up for this.


What am I doing here again?


*wanders away muttering*

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I received my Secret Sophie surprise in the mail today and it was incredible:


2001 Christmas Sophie

Santa Mousling and Helper

Santa Dwarf

Snow Goons

12 Days 2004 Sophie


Thank you Seamus!


I can't promise that the person on my end is going to get a slew of minis, but they will get a paint job that I hope they like!

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