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03373: Sindolise, Hellborn Sorceress

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This model has been slowly working its way around my Shelf of Shame since she arrived, the biggest problem was that the tip of her actual wand broke off and disappeared into my floor. It took me a good while just to get putty to attempt to do anything about that, and you see the sad results below.


Then came the problem of deciding on a colour scheme for her, eventually I settled on the golden hair and pale skin with the black captain's coat but still didn't have a colour for anything else except her horns. Eventually I saw one of the female pirates in the inspiration gallery with white pants and that sorted her clothes and someone else posted their version of her here and that sorted her sickle (or whatever it is) in her left hand. Then I just went "ah stuff it" and made her boots black,because I couldn't think of another colour other than brown and that wouldn't work well.


She has such a fun expression on her face in the sculpt and I'm pretty happy with how she turned out - except for the wand. :(


(There are a few minor spots I noticed in taking the pictures that I need to go back and fix like on her tail in the rear shot, I'll do that before I post her to the Inspiration Gallery.)



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Well done on the craaaazy eyes!


I really like the appearance you got on the horns from the front as well. When you clean up the tail spot, consider using a little black to clean up the left inner coat edge where it meets her shorts.


She's a very cool color palette overall, which is something you don't normally seen done for a Hellborn/Tiefling. I think b/c of that it tricks my eyes into wanting to pull her black coat toward dark blue.

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I was tempted to get some blue in that black as well, it generally helps black things look black, but by the time I considered that I was putting the final touches on the model and didn't want to revisit the black.


I'm hesitant to revisit that coat/pant line. I'll double check the mini when I revisit the tail because I'm not sure if that irregularity is actually there on the mini (like that white glare spot on the horn isn't there).


Your comment on the eyes makes me want to revisit them though... (Must not redo eyes...)

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No, no! The eyes are perfect!


Having played Tieflings, I can assure you, most definitely assure you, that every single one has the crazy eyes. Tieflings and crazy eyes go together like elves and pointed ears, dwarves and beards, goblins and boogers.


Even the sanest, gentlest, most artistic and poetic Tiefling is less than half a dice roll away from moonbat psychosis. It's a trait. Genetics. Evolution. Evilution.


I mean, if you grew up in the Abyss or Nine Hells as an unwanted orphan halfbreed that virtually everybody and everything else hated and tried to eat, you'd be a little loose in the old marbles bag yourself.

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I like her eyes! They are wide and a bit loose-in-the-brainpan, and they set off her look nicely. (EDIT: yes, listen to Buglips. He knows from crazy-eyes. Even if boogers are his 'pecialty)


I like her hair, and I like her skin, but together (and this may just be the photo) they look very similar. The highlights on her hair are very large and look almost the same color as her skin, enough that her hair doesn't really frame her face so much as reshape it. I love the way her hair looks on the back view, though, so it's painted pretty well when there's a greater contrast to set it off. I would suggest in future pieces that you look toward smaller, sharper highlights on hair; this will allow the base color to show through more, and make it look more glossy than satiny. This way, even your pale hair color will be notably different from pale skin colors.


I also love her coat; those big expanses of black are hard to do, and yours looks neither flat nor grey. Well done!

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I liked the black coat/boots with the lighter clothing, and the eyes as well. I have two things that I didn't care for, the first being what you already stated about the wand. I'm not savvy enough to offer a way to fix it, but it doesn't work :-( I can't tell what it is, and so my eye keeps going to it asking "what IS that?" Not your fault to be sure, but it's distracting enough I wonder if it might be better to cut it out and put something altogether different there, maybe something from your bits box if you have one? The second thing may be just due to the coloration of the photo. Is the tail really that fleshy looking in person? Because from the frontal view the bit coiled around the ankle looks like something other than a tail, and something I wouldn't expect to see at all on a female mini.


Please don't take my comments as harsh, about 95% of the mini is better than anything I have done, honest :-)

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I was tempted to get some blue in that black as well, it generally helps black things look black

After following Ali McVey's WIP and a separate discussion of 'coal black' that she (and others) uses to highlight black; I came up with a decent turquoise black mix when I did the Drone. However, I want to get much stronger working shiny blacks, so I broke down and bought the P3 coal black, actually the six-pack it comes in because there is a decent highlight for it in the pack.


I like the way she came out, especially the pants. Nice whites.

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Adrift: I've checked the mini now and do need to go back down that left leg line.


I like her hair, and I like her skin, but together (and this may just be the photo) they look very similar. The highlights on her hair are very large and look almost the same color as her skin, enough that her hair doesn't really frame her face so much as reshape it.

Some of this is the photo, but you are right the hair needs the pure white highlight that I missed. Her hair and skin are basically the same colours though, the hair just has a deeper shadow and should have a whiter highlight as well.


Not that I can take credit for her complexion I got that idea from this picture (artist unkown).

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