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My Hideous Bones


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So way back when I was painting my two Ogres, which then became my one Ogres, I declared that I didn't much fancy painting Bones minis, that I was a huge and unrepentant metal snob, and that since they were all destined for much-abused front line use anyway that I should not bother painting them at all and just leave them plain.


And so it was!


However, I just got a whole batch of Bones from Reaper . . . and realized that plan won't cut it. Just too much white. So what to do?


Well, I decided they needed some color - even if they wouldn't get a proper job. My objectives were as follows:


- to minimize time and effort (no prep except washing)

- to use solid colors with no shading or lining

- to use a minimum of colors

- to paint only critical details (i.e. no eyes)

- to make them colorful, distinctive, and easy to tactically recognize

- to achieve all this with my least valuable and most plentiful paint (Coat D'Arms)


The final results, if I do say so myself, are quite hideous to behold. By no standard except that of a preschooler could they qualify as good paintjobs. But - you can tell the difference between an orc and a zombie. Mission accomplished.


Since I feel it a shame to hoard this horror all to myself, here you go (I am not responsible for any blindness which may occur):




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Moar! Moar!


But seriously, even knowing that you have no greater ambition for them than this, I think they're looking solid... and all they would need for that extra bling would be a quick wash with a strong ink (Devlan Mud, Army Painter Strong Ink) or a dip in some Quickshade or wood varnish.


Just sayin'... ^_^I'm a pusher...

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Nope! That's an extra step. I start doing that then I'll start painting details. These are xp fodder.


Now . . . the nice looking dracoliches I'm getting . . . they might get a little more love. That's different. But the hoi polloi cannon fodder are destined to be crammed into grossly unconstitutional ziploc prisons so they get nothing!

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As I complete more hideous Bones, I'll add more hideous pictures.


Sure is fun to just sling paint without a care in the world, though. I'd have gotten way more of these done if I didn't have to wait for them to dry after washing. I got 6 of the zombies done (all I had), yon Ogre (actually Budd from my Ogre WIP), and I've got some purple on the purple worm.

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They're...they're....horrible and awesome to behold. I may not be a goblin, but I certainly have an appreciation for the minimalist tradition you're invoking in these bits of plastic we call Bones. In particular the completely unapologetic dispensation with shading or highlighting is a bold and audacious move that only one such as yourself could devise.


Brings a tear, dude. Brings a tear.....


Of course, that could be the stanky socks.

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