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Hey everyone!


Long time collector and gamer here just discovered the forum, it is great!


Not sure if anyone can help me with this one or point me in the right direction but here it goes.


I am looking for Marthrangul's right hand... the raised one. I believe it broke off when I moved several years back and my chops hurt from the constant bashing. It has been gone for sometime now :-(. He is not intimidating when he hits the table anymore. Players purposely attack his right side "because he cant hit me"...

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Top Posters In This Topic

For future reference, any miniature that is a multipart miniature where the parts are not attached to the same sprue*, there will be a small red jigsaw puzzle icon below the image on the website. In the puzzle piece will be a number. This is how many pieces there are, and you can order that part directly through Reaper. Clicking on the puzzle piece will bring you to the Boneyard where you can order the specified piece. On a rare occasion, the description will be a little unclear. Contact [email protected] for a specific question, or feel free to ask here.



* There are often occasions where a mini will require assembly, but still be considered a single piece because the attached item, often a weapon or shield, is attached to the base.

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