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02095: Angel of Mercy


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Hey everyone!

This is a mini I painted up for my oldest niece.

I painted one for her 4 yrs. ago for her baby shower, that was done in the colours of her nursery.

But, now that she has become a big sister, I asked her if she would like a new one and hand her old one down to her baby sister.

So, of course she said "yes".

She was 3 yrs. old at the time when I asked her this (mini was done for her 4th b-day)

Anyway, at 3 yrs. old, I asked her what colours she would like for each part. (ex. hair, dress, wings, etc.)

And this is what she came up with using her large collection of coloured markers to help her...


hair- lt. purple

main dress- lt. green

ribbon/belt- black

lower dress layer- purple

wings- dk. green

eyes- green

skin- lt. flesh

cloud- lt.purple


I have to say that her colours worked out pretty darn good too!


I got a bit fancy with the wings so that they weren't just a solid dk. green.

Just to point out, with the rear pic, that's not chipped paint along the edge of the dress.

It's actually sunlight reflecting off the gold trim.

I almost had a heartattack when I saw it in the pic! lol


post-4608-0-08308700-1353099534_thumb.jpg post-4608-0-20532000-1353099565_thumb.jpg

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Yeah no joke, the wings are fantastic. I got this mini as a gift, having put it on a wish list last Christmas, but I've yet to feel comfortable working on her until I get some practice in. I wanted her specifically for the incredible wing detail. This is the second one I've seen painted, and she's just a wonderful mini.

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