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Druids of Orboros


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From my Circle of Orboros WIP thread I've completed the Druids of Orboros unit today.


Heres the Complete unit of 6 Druids.


I like poster board better for trying to take pictures against but I think I might just have to track down some grey(couldn't find any at michaels). I like the blue but the cameras tinting everything abit.

EDIT: tried to fix the color tint and overexposure to make it more accurate to what i see IRL



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Very cool, I really like the strongly contrasting shading very deep shadows and light highlights. What's the green strip on the base for?

Warmachine and hordes has facing rules.Basically on a figure you show on the base where the middle 180 line is and also the front facing direction.

This way if a model is twisted or in an action pose on the base the base mark will make clear if its the front or the back of the figure.

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those green stripes on the bases could be painted more neatly though :)


ya i was meaning to get around to cleaning those up before they were all done and forgot to, but your right couple sides are sloppy.

I was looking at some other paint jobs of Hordes figures and noticed some people just fill in the whole front face as solid so its more half black half team color .I might go back and do that for them all.

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