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Shadows of Esteren: Book 0

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Another Studio2 project, this is the second Shadows of Esteren project, though if you missed the first one that's ok as you can get everything (except the original DM Screen) still from this project.


The original LE book is a beautiful product, one of the best quality RPG books I own and I recommend it just on production value alone.


As to the contents even if you end up using a different game system the Esteren books are full rich campaign settings and this KS will provide a print Player's Guide, Mini Campaign and a PDF of the DM's guide as well, giving you everything needed to run games in Esteren with a bunch of extras.


For international customers shipping is included at higher pledge levels for extra awesome!


This KS has about 8 days to go and is fully funded. It needs a mere $6k to unlock the PDF of the DM's guide and that is well within reach.




Book 0:Prologue introduces a first journey into the universe of the Shadows of Esteren role-playing game. Within this 80-page full color book, you will find:

  1. An introduction to the universe. Discover the leading concepts of the game, as well as a general presentation of the universe.
  2. A summary of the game system. All the necessary elements for comprehending Shadows of Esteren’s system and playing your first adventures.
  3. Six sample Characters. Illustrated and ready to play Characters: the Varigal Yldiane, the fighter Arven, the fugitive Ean, the scholar Liam, the Ionnthén Mòr, and the Blade knight Urvan.
  4. Three adventures. The triptych Omens presents three very different scenarios, which are nevertheless linked by the same recurring theme. They are intended for Players and Leaders of all levels.

  • Poison. An ideal adventure to discover Esteren or even make your first steps into role-playing. The village of Melwan is threatened by a poisoning; will you be able to find out its origin and stop it?
  • Loch Varn. Delve into the edges of nightmare in an elaborate adventure with original narrative concepts, and unveil the secrets of Loch Varn’s vale.
  • Red Fall. One person dead and another missing. Investigate in Dearg and have a first look at the vale in which the first episode of the official campaign will be set.

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Hey thank you very much ObsidianCrane for your support!

We are really glad you like our work.


I am Nelyhann, artistic director of Esteren, as well as one of the illustrator and author. I am French so excuse me for my mistake.


If you have any question, I will try my best to answer!




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More information on the Book 2 contents which will be unlocked when the KS hits $50k, less than $4k away:


Book 2 Travels


First, this new stretch goal will give access to Book 2 Travels in PDF format.


Here are some information about this book:


Travels will be a more or less 140-page, full-color hardcover book. Intended for Game Leaders, this supplement to the Shadows of Esteren series contains scenarios, signature NPCs, and player aids. These will serve as tools for Leaders to confront their Players with the shadows of Tri-Kazel's peninsula, including:

  • Cartography. You will discover the notes of the bard Aeldred Firdh describing more than a hundred remarkable places in Tri-Kazel. Some places will be detailed further.

  • Frameworks. Travels contains around seven frameworks–adventures in a short format specific to Shadows of Esteren–that will enable you to put your Players face to face with various elements of the universe, such as Morcail, Tarish, Magience or even Feondas. An included aid also provides the Leaders the means to create their own frameworks.

  • A Life Choice. This twenty-page scenario will take your Players on a journey throughout Tri-Kazel's peninsula, climaxing with a tough moral dilemma... A Life Choice can be a stand-alone scenario, or be combined with the frameworks included in the book, to form a complete campaign.

  • Personalities. This supplement also boasts a complete gallery of around twenty outstanding personalities who may cross paths with the Characters, including some of the characters done for the Lords of Shadows of Kickstarter (double page with a full page illustration each time).

  • Bestiary. Travels details several horrific creatures: the Mudcrawler, Gnawers, Poison Plants, the Sea Drake, Vampire Bats, etc.


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2 shirt options added in the last Update with 4 days to go.


Less than $1000 to unlock book 2 and give access to a complete game.




Here is the draft for the second one.The final version will be in full color, printed on a green tshirt and cost $20:


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Only 17 hours to go on this one and it just reached $60,000. There's this kind of strange thing going on right now where the backers can vote if they want stretch goals for dungeon tiles at $60K, $65K and $70K, or if they want to replace all that with getting a box for the books as a stretch goal at $65K. That choice would mean getting nothing extra at this point if $65K isn't reached, though... kind of interesting to see how it goes. :-)

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I'm seriously hoping that it goes to the tiles and they announce it shortly. Not having a clear resolution is annoying.

I think they said voting would be open up until three hours before the end of the Kickstarter; so I'm guessing no final decision until then. It is a bit strange, because the closer we get to the end, the clearer it will be if $65K will be reached or not, which should really affect people voting for the box... I dunno, just a bit odd, but maybe it drums up a little extra interest.

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I'm glad it went tiles and funded.


I actually like that they "crowd source" parts of the KS, it gives more incentive to back early so you can be involved in the decision making :) But I did find the "last minute" lock to be awkward on the tiles/box vote.


At least they have some goals for when book 2 print KS happens next year for the GC2013 delivery.

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