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I've never tried NMM before and after finishing the Ogre chieftain I wanted to give it a go. I had a box of GW's Chaos Warriors lying around so that seemed like a perfect start as that gave me a batch of near identical armoured figures to begin on. First attempt it below. The figure in metallic, which I'm using as a comparison point, has just had it's base coat and wash so far so at the moment it's much darker than it's going to be.
This first one was just a quick test. I still need to go over with some black ink lining to help define some areas but otherwise I'm relatively happy except for the shield, It just looks flat to me. I don't know if finishing the symbol off would help settle that or if it just looks like a two tone shield, either way the light side needs a more gradual blend than is currently there. Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

This was just a quick snap with my phone so apologies for the quality, I'll do proper ones as I go along.


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Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated ::):


I've brought up the highlights on the armour and added some more white on, althout it looks like I can afford to bring up the white spots even further. Also highlighted the comparison guy and assembled the next one for testing on.



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Another quick experiment with lighting. Just done the armour and flame so far. I'm working on the basis that the torch is only source of lighting for the figure. I wanted to test this as I'd like to do this when i paint the fighter with torch from the Otherworld Miniatures indiegogo campaign to make him look like he's in an unlit dungeon.


I had a look at how flame reflects off of a torch onto armour first but I scrolled too far down on google images whilst searching pictures of Bradley James and I found the scary part of the internet where photoshop took over and now I can never watch Merlin again. So I quickly got to painting.


I washed the armour with black ink once to help get the definition on it then put multiple layers on wherever wasn't in a direct line to the torch until it was almost black. I highlighted the armour in a few places with silver then used Red and Yellow glazes on the areas that would be lit by the torch. Lastly I reapplied silver to the brightest parts. I'll probably work on a brighter armour colour when I get the fighter to give a bit more colour to him and leave some of the original armour colour between the lit and unlit areas. That'll probably mean I'll paint the armour that would be directly lit in a brighter colour. It's gone a bit rust like really so I think I'll try cheating it in future and leave more of the armours original colour..


I'll work on this a bit more this week to test the painting style on the rest of him.





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Tried another shot with a more appropriate dark background and turned off the room light and I'm a bit more pleased with it. Still veering a bit too much towards brown rather than an orangey flame colour though, but I'm a bit more convinced that a brighter metallic underneath may yield better results.





I also tried a shot with no lighting other than the camera flash...


...because I'm a moron.

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Thanks CashWiley, I always find it helpful to have a few figures lying around to just mess about with. Although I'm that slow to get stuff finished I've probably got more tests at this point than actual completed figures ::D:


A quick job to test the theory; I went back over and reapplied the metals with a brighter colour. It's defiantely worked more how I wanted it to but I still think allowing more of the actual metal colour to show around the illuminated areas will be an improvement. It may end up a bit on the side of looking like everyone is under stage lighting as well but it'll let some more of the figures colours show through. I still like the very heavy shadows on the parts out of light though so I wouldnt want to bring the armours colour in too much,



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At first I thought you were going for a bronze\brass colored armor. OSL it hard and with flames you'll need to realize that your highlights will be the brightest part of the armor so they should be yellow or very bright orange and the farther away you get the more orange the light will become.


So, for example, the parts of the armor on the side with the torch should be more yellow and the side with the sword would be more orange--to to make it all more realistic it would be all yellow as you're not far enough away for the light to be dimming.

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yeah, it was getting a very bronze look the first time. An intersting way to do a bronze like armour but not what I was after.

I'm going to give him another go tomorrow, i'll try ranging the colour as it moves away from the torch, I know it's not very realistic but that's what testing it to see what it'll look like is about, and reality is overrated anyway.

I'll also thin the glazes more so it's not as heavily saturated where the lights hitting. Then I'll probably end up actually painting something completely different that uses none of the techniques I've been playing around with, <_<


EDIT: Hang on, I've had a brilliantly idiotic idea. If I don't return assume I died a heroes' death

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The figure I first painted in metallics, a cheap lighter that I have no idea why I own as I've never smoked in my life, a questionable sanity and low regard for safety have led me to conclude that the lighting when a character in armour is lit by a torch and nothing else should look like this:




Excuse the poor quality, the picture was difficult to take for reasons that should be obvious. I removed the figures shield and flipped the image so it better reflects what I'm actually currently painting. I shall try emulating this in paint tomorrow as holding that lighter there all the time is going to be awkward and I think it's running out of fluid. The shadings been fine but my colours are way way off, far too saturated. A much much thinner and paler orange and bigger bright spots should bring me closer.

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    • By RFS-81
      As you can see from the title, I'm a noob playing around with layering. Or glazing? I'm not sure about the difference, in the tutorial videos I watched, both techniques come down to painting diluted paints over a base coat.

      I've painted the armor with a black-and-silver mix, then painted over with diluted silver where I imagine the light hits. I'm happy with the effect. I feel like I've messed up the face. I layered Vallejo Paint Bronze Fleshtone (over that color + white) to simulate shade from the helmet, and tried to pain the eyes gold because she's depicted with glowing eyes in the official artwork. I think I should just have gone for skin-wash... I hope I can salvage it. I also see now that I haven't been thorough with removing the mold lines and messed up the gold detail somewhat.
      I'm a bit unsure about what to do with the hair and, well, whatever you call this piece of clothing.

      I painted shades on the lower part of the hair, in the areas where multiple layers of cloth overlap and on the right where the wing is above it. I just glazed over with a red + black mix. I'm kind of going back and forth thinking that it looks too dark and smudgy, and (especially on the front) not dark enough. I'm also unsure if I should add highlights or shades on the wavy part. It's relatively flat, and most tutorials I've seen deal with robes that have very deep folds.
      I definitely want to add highlights to the hair, but I don't know what color. Mixing red and white would give pink, and that doesn't seem right. I tried glazing with orange, but wasn't happy with the result, so I glazed over with red again. It's still slightly visible.
      Some other minor detail, I've tried to paint the shadow of the body on the base of the wings. Not sure I like it, but you only see it when you go looking for it anyway...

      One more picture that I took, can't really think of any commentary.

      Any advice on layering or any other things is very welcome!
    • By Ryan S
      Hi, I want to start this to get me motivated to get some accountability and hopefully guilt myself into working. So here is the very first of hopefully many steps.
      The first step is to prime the miniature, I've done that, the 2nd step? To photograph the miniature to capture the volumes of real light that shows where I want my light source. For this I want two light sources. So really that means I just used my computer screen and my ceiling light, adjust the miniature to taste and get the angle I want to set the light.
      The screen light is whiter and will be the light from outside the window, the yellower ceiling light will be my tavern fire light and will be the primary light source.
      The skin will be fairly shiny so this is pretty much a mandatory process to get those realistic sheens....because I'm literally stealing form reality it helps a lot. If I were a better painter I could fake the light sources with enough knowledge. Thankfully  I have some serious shadows on the model, and my mid tones will have a lot of room for blending.
      The problem now? Picking my colors.
      What do I know? I know the floor is wood colored and the axe/haft materials
      I know that I'm going to want off white and pinks for eye whites and gums teeth etc.
      The gold of the primer is actually a really beautiful color for a fantasy creature, so I might see if I can't keep that.
      So Gold, pink, whites/off whites, and browns, I don't know if I want a two toned or patterned beholder. I think this is gonna be a challenge whatever I do. I think I want to go for a fleshy color

    • By Marsya
      Since I haven’t had a WIP in a very long time, I thought this mini would be perfect for it. I plan to paint her up for a Christmas gift for a friend and figured to keep me on track I’d do a WIP. 
      I have a few minis in progress she’ll be my main priority after my Darksword Stephanie Law Bard. I prepped her and primed yesterday after the humidity finally dropped.
      My current projects in various stages on my desk. 

      And just the pinup after some prep work 

      A few places I could have spent more time on but figured I’ll prime and see what stands out. 

      I used army painter matte black primer followed by Tamiya fine white primer. For the bits on her base I left them in black since she will be the focal point no need to use white on them, it’ll help the colors be a bit more muted. 
      And finally my quick mock up for color checking. I usually just print a stock photo and use my paints over it to plan the general scheme. 

      Now to finish up my bard then onto tackling her flesh. Since she’ll have a hint of sheer with her stocking I needed to be sure the color for her skin and the sheer works and won’t lose the effect due to the color choices. 
      Feel free to post C&C throughout, or ask questions. I’m always happy to share what I can. I’ll do my best to share the steps I take and colors used. 
      Happy painting everyone. 
    • By rubegon
      I’m starting my first of the kid heroes from the Bones 5 core set.  I really like the character design with the sharp looking long coat, cool hair and bone sword.

      I want to do something different with the skin on this one.  I want to paint them as a moon elf, with cool undertones and warmer highlights.
      im going to try basecoating with a blue and highlight up to pinkish highlight.  Not sure if this is going to work.
      Starting with a basecoat of ritterlich:dark elf at about 1:1.


      This is along the lines of what I’m going for with the skin.  Putting this here for reference.

    • By rubegon
      The merfolk in Dark Depths sculpted by Bobby Jackson were one of the things I was most looking forward to in Bones 5.
      I chose the Mermaid Ranger for my RCL Q3 Large Group “Under the Sea”, and started work on her after ReaperCon.
      I've been trying to make bolder color choices, and thought this was a great mini to push myself in that direction.
      I’ve posted some WIPs on discord, but wanted to record the process here in a bit more detail.

      First I primed both rangers with Badger neutral primer, and then basecoated the tails and hair with 0963 Coal Black

      Then I tried to airbrush the tails with 09330 Wild Violet while leaving some dark shadows.

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