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Roomie Needed for ReaperCon 2013


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Hey all,


I am booking a hotel for the April 17 - April 21 dates. I would really like to reduce the cost of the hotel by getting a second bed and splitting the cost with a room mate. I will have my truck, so room mate does not need to have transportation.


The rate would be $74.99 X 4 nights = $299.96. Split between two makes it very affordable at $149.98 per person for the four nights.


Please let me know if you are interested in splitting the room. You can reply to this thread or PM me on this board so that we can work out arrangements.





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Oh yah, Sunny is a great host. Heck I had problems with my debit card one year. They (bank) thought there was a unathorized transaction & temporaily put a hold on it so Sunny said don't worry about it & pay when you can. It ended up being that I forgot to let them know I leaving town/state. Problem solved & ran the card on Friday that year.



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