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Haar Miniatures Indiegogo : Cambric the Itinerant Jurist


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This may be of interest...


help Haar Miniatures produce Cambric the Itinerant Jurist Miniature

Who is Cambric?


Our first miniature and the focus of this campaign is Cambric Goayin. He is an itinerant Jurist, an adventuring but practical scholar of the law. Since achieving his confirmation over 10 years ago he has travelled the Archipelago by both land and sea lending his expertise to all those in need regardless of station. He inspects the punishment logs of both ships and settlements he visits to ensure that the Maritime laws that govern the island nations are not applied harshly or indeed to lightly.


Current Status


As mentioned I have 36 character descriptions accompanied by my own rather “unique” stick figure art. rather than rest on my laurels I have done the following;


I have commissioned the character concept for Cambric together with character sketches for the ten characters and 2 monsters in the first Haar series. The ludicrously talented Carlos Cara has done a phenomenal job in capturing the core of each character from sketch to final concept. As these are character studies they do not represent the final pose of the miniatures.


Olivier Nkweti, the sculptor for Cambric has been signed up and will begin work in early/mid December. Olivier is grossly tallented and has previously worked for Rakham, Upperdeck, Privateerpress, Wryd, Infinity, CMON and Dark-Age to name just a few...


I have approached several other sculptors at the time of writing this to establish a schedule and wow, are they ever busy people? Two further sculptors have expressed an interest and given a rough schedule of when they are available. More details as they are confirmed


The process of identifying a casting company continues…


so the art looks interesting, the goal is reasonable for a single boutique mini (especially if we get to 2.5K when a second is added), free shipping and a known sculptor (and importantly for indiegogo a fixed campaign so if it doesn't fund you'll get a refund... remember indiegogo uses paypal so payment happens when you pledge)

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They've now published a bit of background for the first 3 minis they want to create



Sicilaine (arrives at 3K)


Tenril Mornen


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Just to update this one 33 HOURS TO GO


The Indiegogo is now funded ! (so you know you'll get your goodies)


and the first mini has been sculpted and baked




so you can pick Cambric up for $15 (plain mini) or $22 (fancy box etc)


If we hit $3000 total in the next 33 hours we get Scilaine (added to your order FREE is you pledge) it could happen and would double your reward!




If by a major rush we get $4500 we'll also get Tenril Mornen added




Shipping is included anywhere in the world, so if you want something different (the aim is to make these limited with a run of 200-700) why not give them a try

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Not really sure if I like this sculpt. I liked the original concept sketch but hated the final concept art so I'm glad the sculptor improved the face but I just can't seam to get into the rest of the sculpt. Glad this got funded though, like to see these small studios getting attention.

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