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Green baths


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In my (limited) experience, SG will pretty much take everything off given enough time. For really stubborn stuff, like glue or putty, a soak in nail polish remover for an hour or so will take care of that. I use SG more often due to cost (SG is cheaper, I haven't seen bulk npr) and it doesn't smell as bad.


Now if it would only get the paint out of the nooks n crannies w/o having to get a needle or toothpick. <_<

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I use easy off oven cleaner on my model cars it doesn't melt plastic very fast and its cheap, and strips everything off pretty well. *whole car body on a real fancy deal was like an hour to strip with handful of scrubbing spots.

Easy Off Oven cleaner is something you really need to be careful with.


You cannot get it on anything with even traces of aluminum in it unless you want to see smoke and sparks.


Also, it can smell noxious.


It will melt plastic if left on to long which is going to be its biggest drawback. If working with plastic minis you are better off using simple green. If it is metal, simple green, brake fluid or nail polish remover.

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