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Red vs Blue Bones Bugbears


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As part of this weekend's speed painting endeavours I finished the 2nd and 3rd of my Bones Bugbears. The first one got a Back-2-Base-ix Celtic Ruins base and as I didn't want to rebase these two I gave one red trims and the other blue.


Painting approach;

  • No Undercoat
  • Basecoat in appropriate colours, Saphire Blue, Blood Red, Oiled Leather, Russet Brown, Shadowed Steel, Mahogany Brown, Tanned Shadow.
  • Wash the whole mini with Black Wash.
  • Retouch the Shadowed Steel to get some sharper highlights.
  • Apply highlights of Tanned Shadow, Tanned Flesh, Tanned Highlight to skin.
  • Paint nails and teeth as you do the skin starting with Tanned Flesh, Tanned Highlight & final highlight with Linen White.
  • Paint eyes with Linen White, Pure Black and outline with Mahogany Brown.
  • Drybrush Hair areas Intense Brown.
  • Paint base green and edge pure black, flock.
  • Seal (to be done this evening now that I have enough models to make it worth doing).

This takes about 2 hours (plus drying time) to do, adding another model or two to that process wouldn't slow it down noticeably. The slowest process is the base coat and skin just due to the paint changes and the care it takes to get paint in only particular spots.




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The slowest part is getting the base coat done well, that's easily 2/3rds of the painting time. Choose the right colours, typically a shade brighter than your usual mid-tone and do the wash well and the mini is really painted for the game table. The extra highlighting just moves the overall standard up a bit.

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