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Winter Argus


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A new addition from my Circle of Orboros WIP thread.


This is my first figure to not use Quickshade dip and switched to using washes.(thanks to everyone that encouraged me to make the jump).

I'm trying to maintain a fall autumn color scheme thru out the army thematic and tried to give this fella a red wolf/fox coloring instead of the pure white its known for.

I'll post a picture of the army so far in the WIP page


All C & C are more then welcome :)





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thanks for the kind words!

I had discussed adding some highlights to the red of the back armor but my order with a color i was thinking of using of it didn't' come in,I ended up just used a red black wash for shading the armour..for the next one that has larger armor pieces i'll try and use the marigold yellow for highlights and add a drop of soft body black wash to the red black and see if that doesn't help shade the red better.


I haven't tried the quick shade inks no, I ended up buying an assortment of secret Weapon Color washes..I had a few that I didn't use since Dipping so bought another 9 colors. On this piece I used Sewer water brown, fleshwash, and red black. and abit of a blackwash.

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