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Imbrian Arts Kickstarter


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This looks like a cool, boutique miniature option. The models are being designed for a future game project, but they are just getting the minis made first and foremost.


The regular, non-collector's minis are cast in plastic. Apparently not injection-molded because the goal amount is far too low, so possibly some kind of spincast plastic.


$12 for 1 mini

$16 for 1 mini and a bone (think oraclular bones, used in the future game instead of dice) and the ability to add more minis with a bone each for $12 per miniature

$22 for 1 hand-cast resin mini, art card and certificate of authenticity.




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See, now that I know this is Trollcast, I feel even better about supporting it since I like Ed so much. Not only is my pledge helping these gorgeous minis get made, they are helping Ed with his business.


Also, those goblins, man. He said that once funded, he can add them to the project to get them made in plastic as well, so I'm excited!

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