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Imbrian Arts Kickstarter

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1 minute ago, Adrift said:

I hear that, and am in the same boat. I don't really want duplicates however. The dragon he was making would have been such a great sorcerer king for a Dark Sun campaign. It's a total bummer.

I don't want duplicates either, but at some point I might just want minis equal to the amount of money I gave to him.  He really can't say that we haven't been extraordinarily patient.

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I'd just take the duplicated miniatures and try to sell on ebay or trade for something else to get some value back. My friend did that with a project on IGG several years ago. After several years of delay the creators said that it was okay to pick items from their existing range instead, so my friend picked 30 of their most expensive figure and sold on ebay, and actually made money out of it. I think it was pretty fair as he got some "interest" out of it. :D But I think, in projects like that, and in projects like Imbrian Arts, just get out with your rightful "value" and pick up whatever you want it the stuff ever comes to retail instead. For example, I dont think that the IA dragon ever will come out, but if it does, it will be expensive in terms of molding and casting and in workhour, so that IA wouldnt be able to send it out for "free" to previous backers anyhow.

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Jody also has another project, reptilian overlords, where there are a lot of new releases and ...you may also choose minis from that range I would guess.

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4 hours ago, zorro said:

Jody also has another project, reptilian overlords, where there are a lot of new releases and ...you may also choose minis from that range I would guess.

Do you have a link to that project? I don't see it on his KS "created" list.  And I did just send him a message asking how I get duplicates of existing stuff of equal value.

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