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Is siphon soul at a model with damage reduction legal?


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Searching the forum I've found the same about Tough and there were no objections.

Looks like cheat.



2nd question: if a model stays in BtB with 2 enemy models on opposite sides, it cannot slide away to break BtB contact etc.

what about fly, burrow, leap etc. ?

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Although I guess the wording does not explicitly say it (it does say that it ignores the point), the point of Damage Reduction is, that the point of damage never happened, since the DR soaked it up. Therefore, the requirement for Siphon Soul would not be obtained for the resulting benefit to happen either. At the same time, I can also say that I think if a group played it as if that is legal it probably would not be game breaking either, so my overall answer is, my opinion is that no you could not, but as long as you make an agreement between your play group, then it can be.


Second question. Yes, if a model has leap, fly, burrow, hover, etc... it may break BTB contact by using that ability. The success roll would still be necessary though.

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At first I agreed with Stub's reasoning, but then I reread the applicable SAs (on the Army Builder page, so perhaps the rule book differs...)


Damage Reduction states: A model with this SA ignores the first (#) points of damage taken on each Troop Activation.


Siphon Soul states: A model with this SA may use a Specialty Action to cause 1 point of damage to a friendly model within LOS in order to gain 2 Spell Points.


I think that the Siphoning model inficts the damage and gains the spell points. The DR model then ignores the damage unless someone else in the spellcaster's unit damages it. DR doesn't state that the damage does not occur (yes, double-negatives, I know), just that the model ignores it.


It may be a "dirty trick" but then so is casing Iron Skin on you Broodmaster!! heh.

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