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Translucents previewed


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An observation to offer about the photos:




...you did manage to capture the translucence once. In just one photo. The photo that appears above.


The translucent nature of the material is noticeable in two places: the ghost's hand where it grasps the sword and down around the base of the ghost where it emanates from the ground. So the question is what did you do to achieve this? And it looks like the answer in both instances is you placed something that is dark behind the translucent material. (The sword and the figure base... ) So...


Use the same lighting setup that was used above but put a dark wall, 50mm high or so, just behind the figures [??] maybe that would work.

I think I got it to work HERE
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So... who wants to start a geek candy business that produces minion-style monsters (goblins, orcs, etc) as gummy candy that can be used on the gaming board, and then eaten when the unit is killed? Because my kids would freaking be all OVER that.


"Alright, you killed that goblin, so you can eat him now!"

"Raaaagh! Nom nom nom. I EAT MY KILLS!"

"Son, you're scaring daddy."



WIN. I totes would love this.

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As an aside, we're still having a hard time shooting pictures of bones that showcase the detail on screen as well as in real life, and this is especially evident on the clears, where the pics show hardly any detail beyond the silhouette. Any advice would be appreciated.*


*I'm not a professional photographer, I'm a caster with delusions of grandeur...

origonal Summons1.jpg


my edit

I played with the "variations" in Photoshop along with the contrast and saturation. i don't have a miniature on hand so i could not make sure if my edits matched the real thing.


one trick i have seen used is to take the same picture twice under different lighting conditions and then layer them together in photoshop.

Edited by Tyler T
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We try to do as little photoshop work as possible to preserve what we consider the integrity of the visual we present. Obviously, we do some color corrections and adjustments, and there have been other people with different ideas than that in our past, but that's our philosophy. We will do what adjustments are needed to help it look as close as possible to the product in hand, but really want to avoid overworking the piece. You can see when you compare the 5 green figures that 4 of them are brighter than the Ghostly Summons - we massaged those 4 to more accurately reflect how it looks in real life, but felt the dimmer image of the Summons showed the detail better.


It's a tough call, and I appreciate the feedback. We continue to strive for integrity of presentation, and in this case, that's quite a challenge.

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Wouldn't prime it all, as I want the translucent effect.


Be good to see if you couod carve out some of the inside coming up from the base place an LED in the bottom, place him on a 40mm gaming base with a small battery hidden underneath. Really make him glow.


Clear gesso with a little dark paint or ink should work. If it doesn't, a toothbrush will remove the gesso easily.


Yes, anyone know where I can get a 28mm base that has an LED underneath it? I'd like to play with my translucent figures for Castle Ravenloft!

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