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Translucents previewed


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An observation to offer about the photos:




...you did manage to capture the translucence once. In just one photo. The photo that appears above.


The translucent nature of the material is noticeable in two places: the ghost's hand where it grasps the sword and down around the base of the ghost where it emanates from the ground. So the question is what did you do to achieve this? And it looks like the answer in both instances is you placed something that is dark behind the translucent material. (The sword and the figure base... ) So...


Use the same lighting setup that was used above but put a dark wall, 50mm high or so, just behind the figures [??] maybe that would work.

I think I got it to work HERE

Is it just me, or does anybody else suddenly feel the urge to eat these gummi-looking miniatures?

I think it's just you... ...but I could not resist the chance to try snapping some pics of one today at Reaper Con:







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