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December Painting


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And now its time to start on my December painting spree.

Finsihed Reaper Minis:
02924: Bertok, Barbarian (L2PK-4)
02664: Phase Cat

02509: Mother Superior

60038: Chammady Drovenge

02672: Clawed Devil

77011: Dwarf Warrior

02670: Ulric Bloodclub

Finished Minis from Other Companies:

GW (pre-1990): 3 stage Adventurer - High Level Illusionist

GW (LotR): Orc Warg Rider
GW (pre-1990): Chaos Sorcerer (I think.)

GW (Pre-1990): Dark Elf Warrior

GW: Plastic Empire Spearmen (6th Edition Starter) x5
Ral Partha: Sea Elf

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Been a bit slow with seasonal interruptions both of the party and work kind combined with other dramas (which will fortunately cost someone else a lot of money).


Finally (and I really mean finally as he was started in 1994) finished this Ral Partha elf. He was labled a Sea Elf by Ral Partha but the shield never said "sea elf" to me.

(The white spot on the spear haft is a bit of dust in the picture..grrr..)


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Right 5 of the Empire Spearmen done. I'll be working on the rest of the unit tonight, so hopefully I'll have a few more done soon, but there is a fair bit of painting to do in each one even with the quick and dirty approach I'm taking.


These guys are painted for wargaming, so I'm not worried about details like the little bits of metallic that crept onto the curve of the shields in a few spots.


Method is; Base coat, wash with black, touch up base coat, add highlights - these models just have fair bit of fiddly detail to work highlights etc onto. Flesh is tanned flesh triad. Eyes are Mahogany Brown, Linen White, Pure Black pupil and were the last thing done (unlike usual for me).



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Finally finished GW (pre-1990): 3 stage Adventurer - High Level Illusionist.


Ended up swaping to NMM for all the metal because I don't have any gold paint down here on holiday.


Not entirely happy with the eyes, but as a tabletop mini I'm not going to keep messing with them, they are certainly an improvement on other recent eyes. Still need to work on them though for more detailed miniatures.



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