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Midgard Miniatures Kickstarter

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For those curious the Midgard Bestiary is available as a resource for Pathfinder, 4E DnD, and AGE (Dragon Age RPG).


The core Midgard book supports Parhfinder but there is a 4E DnD supplement coming soon (Defenders of Midgard).


For Pathfinder fans there are also two adventure sets coming; Tales of Midgard and Journeys to the West the later of which will release soon. There is also Tales of Old Margrave already out.


4E fans get Courts of the Shadow Fey and The Lost City; both low Paragon Tier adventures and the others are pretty easily adapted with the 4E Bestiary.


There is a lot of stuff in the Kobold Quarterly back catalog as well.


In short there are a lot of ways to get use out of these minis if you are a DnD fan in particular.

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I might try & back this one as I like the Aboleth, but then again I got Reaper's Goloroth. Which for me is a nice substitute for a Aboleth.


As I'm backing Pathfinder Online, which will end in Jan, I gotta watch what I back.

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I can't seem to see which pledge level gets you the aboleth miniature. Has that one been unlocked or is it not yet available as an option?

The aboleth counts as five normal minis. At any pledge level, you can trade five of your humanoid minis for one aboleth.


Thats right. If you just want the Aboleth then you pledge at the Adventurer level and swap the choices for the aboleth.

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Ok coming soon is a formal announcement of a $25k by 25th of December stretch goal.


Details are not finalised but it will be bonus minis starting for pledges of Dwarf ($50) and up (exact up amount is part of what needs to be finalised).


Actually the only thing we've got left to do for this is get our hands on the concept art so we can show it all to you.


But the basics are -


We're launching a kicker goal. If we reach 25k by Christmas each level between Dwarf and Guild Leader gets a bonus mini. This bonus is cumulative with the bonus beneath it.


So that means that:


Dwarf will get 1 bonus mini

Scout will get 2 bonus minis

Gearforged 3 bonus minis

Bandit King 4 bonus minis

Guild Leader 5 bonus minis


Elf and Clan Chief also get the 5 bonus minis.

Currently Dwarf Chief, Noble and Margrave will get the 0, 0 and 1 respectively.


But wait, there's more. We've also got a bonus mini included in the stretch goals we've already teased for adventurers.


So that means


Adventurer gets 1 bonus mini

Dwarf 2 bonus minis

Scout 3 bonus minis

Gearforged 4 bonus minis

Bandit King 5 bonus minis

Guild Leader 6 bonus minis.


As soon as we get the concept art we'll post all the information for you.


Adventurer and higher will get one bonus mini (this is actually already one of the upcoming stretch goals)

Dwarf will get an extra bon2 bonus minis (the one from Adventu

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I thought this project would really shoot from the blocks, but progress has been relatively pedestrian, I certainly hope it picks up as I'm in for the 50 minis bundle.

In my humble opinion the initial set of figures have not been inspiring (with the exception of the Aboleth), they just seem to be a little too run-of-the-mill, or in the case of the Ghoul Necromancer - bad.

I've been keeping close tabs on the concepts shown by EFS since the Low Life project and they have shown some exceptional minis but I don't see them in the line up for the Midgard project.

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I'm looking for the really Midgard minis like the Bone Collective and Alesid, but the new options even though they are not Midgard specific are cool and will chew up more of my options for my 50 minis.


So here are the minis on offer;



The medium lot above needs the Mharoti Emissary added to it (which is another of the minis I want because Dragonborn are so hard to find).



Then while they are not new miniatures there is the following as options as well;



The female gearmage should unlock in the next 24 hours and put us on the path to the Alesid.


Getting to the $25k in the next 12 days is a big ask no doubt, but hopefully the addition of extra options to use those higher pledge levels on will help folks get on board.

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