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02664: Phase Cat


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Excellent use of lavender as the highlight color to offset the dark background and give the impression that the whole thing is in flux between dark purple and light. Well executed!


And kudos to the basing! It's nice to see something other than static grass!!!

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Ohsorry :blink: I hope you do get a better background, cause that is a very nice job.


Is that the base that comes with the mini?

The background is why I haven't added it to the Inspiration gallery. :)


I didn't remove the actual base but glued the whole lot to a 40mn round then piled on PVA glue and poured a mix of sand and small stones onto the whole thing. When that dried I filled the holes with Moulding Paste. This gave a pretty good consistency with the moulded base.

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It does come on a roll, so you only use the bottom end at any given time. And when it gets wrinkled and crufty, you cut the bottom off and roll out some more. That's actually what I use, but then I have a photo studio at work. :;):


That said, the link was mostly intended as a color reference for the average minis photographer. Light gray craft paper or that thin craft foam should be pretty easy to find. The reasons to use it are two-fold:


1) Automatic exposure works best when the majority of the image averages out to around 20% gray. If your background is too dark, the mini will tend to be overexposed. If it's too light, underexposed. There are ways to fix that (easy if you know what you're doing), but light gray usually means you don't have to think about it.


2) Automatic white balance works best when the majority of the image doesn't have a strong color cast. If you use a blue background, AWB will tend to shift the image toward orange. If you use an orange (most browns included), AWB will tend to shift toward blue. Again, it's fixable if you know what you're doing (or using RAW images), but with a gray background you don't usually have to do much fixing.

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Doug I understood :) I'm slowly learning how to get the shutter speed and aperture of my camera set to get good shots. The white balance I don't have as much control over so the tips around that are good.


Cash - yeah. I'm just not sure I'll get the necessary quality from my printer for that. Going to the nearest town with a good newsagent today and will pick up some alternative background paper. :)

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