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I am very upset with you Reaper. I did not know until 6 hours ago that there was a 2012 convention mousling out there that I did not have. That is not polite in the least! You need to let me know these things. -_-


You see, I have to have all the mouslings. This isn't a want. This is a basic need, like air, water, and chocolate. I simply MUST have them all. :rolleyes:


But I can't go to ReaperCon, so I have to find my mouslings online for much inflated prices later. But I can't do that if you don't tell me that you made them!!! ::o:


From now on I expect to be informed of all mouslings, convention exclusives or otherwise. If not I'll have to sic my Bryan and Jason on you, and they create all sorts of havoc where they go. :zombie:


Really, let's just keep this nice and professional, yes? :;):

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They're all cute! Every last single furry one of them! The mousling bartender and cute furry grumpiness. The zombie mousling and his bio-terror cuteness. The barmaid and busty cuteness. The pirate from the adventure pack and his cute little pegleg and cute eye patch and cute ear-ring and cute cutlass, wow he has a lot of cute. The wizard and his cute beard and cute little pipe.


I'm sure you get the point....


Oh the native and his cute headband and oversized acorn!

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why, oh why do these little mouslings on the 12 days of Reaper have to be so adorably cute!!! I thought I was safe- I'll just get a few sophies, I told myself; I need another learn to paint kit anyway, but... curses! noooooooo.....!


Who needs a budget, anyway.

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I want zombie mouslings with chainsaws!

We did that one for last year's Christmas, and didn't want to repeat it two years in a row.


*sniff* Such is life for a latecomer to the boards. No complaints though, this is still a sweet deal


Mouslings Bah Humbug!


Sophie there we go. Oh yeah and that Cyclops and Cerberus need to be added to my growing collection.


Yeah that was one I was severely tempted on too.

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Mouselings...the gateway drug that leads to the descent into full blown Figmentia.


Ever met a "casual mouselinger"? Neither have I. Personally, I abstain from mouselinging. Mostly because I have my hands full with many (a great many) sexy demon ladies who are my personal figmentia of choice. In the event of jealousy regarding my attentions, I suspect the mouselings would have a hard time. I'd wake up in the morning, find the mouselings, and realize what the soft cackling I heard from the drawer in the wee hours was all about.


"You picked the wrong drawer, mouselings! This is our territory!"


Now you might think that's unlikely. Or that I'm crazy. And maybe that's true. But I'll say this: ever since I put Takhisis on my table I'm missing an awful lot of miniatures that were in queue before her.

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