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Firefly PC (Texas Ranger)

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A few months back, Iposted a series of figures destined for use as PCs in a Firefly game. We've had a newcomer join the crew, so I had to paint up a mini for her. She fits in the same constraints as the previous set: White, Black and Oxblood Red, plus browns. Fairly muted bunch, for the most part.


I'm pleased with this paintjob, mostly because it happened in less than 6 hours of work. I can paint quickly!




If you're interested, the other Firefly PCs are here. C&C always welcome!

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Uh... Is there an actual Firefly campaign setting out there somewhere, or is this something you cooked up yourself?


There is a pen and paper rig called Serenity. Margret Wiess productions put it out. Its based on the fudge system i think. its very good.

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The Margaret Weiss-published job is really nice for providing flavor, but the crunch of the system kinda sucks. We're playing an entirely-fudge based game that's mostly kitbashed and homebrewed from scratch. Especially fun because it runs episodically, as if it were a TV show. We have a soundtrack...when the pilot has little flying to do he "guest stars" as an NPC...very fun.

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    • By Unit04
      B:GCC - Mission 10 "The Postman Always Rings Twice" pits our heroes vs Firefly and Killer Moth.  The heroes need to examine the poison and find an antidote for it, but the laboratory is extremely deadly to anyone without a gas mask.  Thankfully one is provided.  
      Ok, I'm back from work travels, lets finish up some minis!

      Batwoman has a great color scheme, but enough with the unbalancing capes already!

      I like how Azrael's sword came out.  I kind of gave up on it but after giving it a red wash it looked much better.  I can't say I enjoyed painting his cape either.  Between his arms and his cape, there was a lot of blocked plastic.  

      I like Firefly for a number of reasons and I enjoyed painting him.  I attempted to get some color in the smoke but I gave up.  There's some orange in there but that's about it.  

      Finally, someone who's not red.  Killer Moth is typically a gag villain but I guess they made him serious business at some point.  I actually kind of like his outfit and while his front logo of a x-shaped teal design over a white-ish design wasn't perfect, I'm glad I tried it.  

    • By Dr.Bedlam
      So I hear Paizo's got this new game, Starfinder, up and coming. And I am not sure what to think. 

      Pathfinder filled a need; I tried 4th Edition D&D, and did not much care for the radical changes after several years of 3.5. Pathfinder was just an extension of the d20 system, and worked well as a generic fantasy game ... that, as splatbook after splatbook and so forth, grew steadily less generic. Still a fine game, although it begins to show signs of splatcreak*, as the sheer amount of rules pile up.

      Makes sense they'd want to expand their base of gaming; a one-game company is vulnerable to changes in the market, and D&D has finally gotten its head on straight. Time to seek out new life and civilizations... if only to stay competitive. 

      But I dunno.

      First science fiction RPG I ever played was Traveller, which did an amazing job of distilling the basics down to three little booklets in a box, which seems to be how things were done, then. We had combat, we had spaceships, we had computers, find a ship, find a crew, find a job, keep flying. It worked. (I will not discuss Gamma World or Metamorphosis Alpha; while I enjoyed 'em, these were more postapocalyptic and less space opera, and this is hard enough to keep on track as it is).

      Another game, Space Opera, was interesting and fun, although waaaay too in love with its rulesset; as I recall, you could burn a whole gaming session just creating a character. Which I guess was a little better than Traveller, where you could accidentally get killed before your character entered PLAY, but Space Opera's extra crunchy rules were a bit much, even for the times.

      I enjoyed Star Frontiers, once TSR finally got off their duffs and designed a neat space opera setting, although I took it kinda personally that they did not include a starship design or purchase system, or for that matter much of any information about space travel other than "buy a ticket." What, Traveller could do it, but you can't? They were up front enough, though, about the fact that they'd be out with a separate boxed set that would include the starship rules... eventually. And they did. 

      Aaaand that's where we take a sharp left, because Star Frontiers was the last generic science fiction space opera I ever played.
      FASA quickly came out with a licensed Star Trek game, set during the TOS era, because that's all we had back then; Next Generation was still years away. Still remember the one adventure we played as Klingon officers, who wound up blowing up the ship due to a complex web of backstabbery... but I digress. Not long after that, they also came out with a licensed Doctor Who game, which preoccupied us for a while, as there were a hell of a lot of VHS tapes to track down to keep up with the setting! It did have the advantage of spreading across all TIME, as well as space... although we took a break when West End Games's Star Wars came out, because to a nerd-child of the seventies, the history of mankind breaks down into pre-SW and post-SW. After all, you never saw any Planet Of The Apes RPGs, did you? Hell, I still have a copy of Leading Edge's Aliens RPG around here somewhere; it was fun, albeit rather sketchy, as it was based entirely on the two movies in the Alien franchise as of 1988... had plenty of information about Weyland-Yutani, the Space Marines, the Aliens... and nearly nothing else...
      Which brings us to now. As I said above, Pathfinder filled a need.

      But there are a great many licensed science fiction games now. Firefly is still going strong. A new Star Wars game still circulates, albeit unsupported due to licensing. A new Star Trek game is in the works, assuming its maker ever gets it out of playtesting, and the current Doctor Who game still seems to be selling.

      Is there a place now for a generic science fiction setting? Will it appeal to people who've never tried Pathfinder? Or does the current market favor established licensed science fiction settings where one can watch a movie or three and get an idea INSTANTLY about the world and how it works?

      Opinions? Ideas? Rants?
    • By Auberon
      I haven't done a WIP here in a while, except for the occasional exchange piece, so I decided to give one a go and see if I keep up with it.  Those of you that follow the "Getting to Know Each Other" thread will remember this piece, but for the rest here's a quick recap.  We were asked to try something new.  As I don't sculpt I decided to try my hand at something simple.  Enter the Master Series Ellen Stone that I received in the Secret Sophie exchange.  While she is a hot cowgirl, she is unfortunately not wearing a hot cowgirl shirt.  I made her one, though I did run into a bit of a problem.  You see, Ellen has a bandana wrapped around her neck and I thought I could work around it.  Turns out that I couldn't (though an expert would have likely managed), and so she ended up with the collar on one side being a bit off.  She's still good enough to paint and experiment with so here we go.
      This is what Ellen looks like after a bit of green stuff.  You can see where the knot on the bandana got in my way.  I should have pressed the collar down a bit more as well, but live and learn.

      and here is why.  Proper style of shirt.
      I considered it likely that the hat would get in the way of painting her eyes so I left it off to start.  I also added three buttons onto her shirt.  They are heroic scale buttons, which is why they are a little larger than normal.

      So i started with blocking in a lot of the colors just to cover the white primer.  Her duster is an excuse to try out the Scalecolor Fantasy & Games line of paint that I picked up a few months back.  First impression - Blackert Brown is not a good color for basecoating, even over plain white.  It took a few too many coats for solid coverage.  With a good bit of the primer covered I moved on to  the eyes.  You can always make a pretty good argument that zenithal lighting + hat = no dots in the eyes but it seems to be the thing to do with minis.  I guess everyone now is just used to seeing stage lighting and camera flashes (as the girl above).  Of course, tiny white dots never end up in the right place on the first attempt.

      So we have to fix them.  I touched up a few places while I was at it.  Turns out that my old basecoating brush doesn't have quite the point that it used to.  It still holds a lot of paint but the precision isn't there anymore.

      One last thing to do before attaching her hat is to get some color on her face.  I put a shadow directly under the brim but did the cheeks and below in a fairly standard manner.  Her face needs some more work but I decided it was good enough to stop and attach her hat.  With the eyes done I seem to be able to reach the rest, and I don't want to call her face "done" and then screw it up gluing the last piece on.

      I don't have any major plans for tomorrow (beyond continuing to watch basketball) so I expect to make some good progress.
    • By Chris Palmer
      If only this fan-made trailer were real... :(

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