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Back in the Saddle


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It was probably just easier to give the general announcement than to Email everyone individually but OK


28 November 03 at 0830. Wifey gave birth to my 3rd beautiful baby girl,

Sana'a Alicia Dueno at 7 pounds 13 ounces. (Saan aye ah)


I can tell she will be able to sing her butt off, cause she's been wailing for an hour straight.


She'll definately be the next CAV jock in the family; My oldest daughter (3 years) Imari already pilots a Starhawk V very well, (I made a quick initiative based fever set of rules to help her with numbers) a little more training and she will be ready for her weapons training.


Woah, here comes Imari with her Wizzo Elmo piloting a Starhawk down Sesame Street, with a target lock on Big Bird. just in time for turkey day!



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thanks everyone;


The docs kept changing the due date on us, for the longest we were at Nov 16 until a few weeks prior they said Nov 30th. I was even under the impression they were going to induce her last tuesday, until they decided they were just going to "speed up the process a bit" by scraping the cervix. (a little detailed, I know, but we all here are mature enough to deal with that.)


Anyway early friday, I took her in she was at 3cm but they decided to keep her until it was time, since my second daughter Naomi was delivered in about 3 hours from the start of my wife's contractions.


An hour or so later she was at 5cm, and they gave her an epidural; about 15 minutes later I stepped out to get an ice tea, saw doctors running in the hall on my way back, followed them right to the room. and the rest is history.


Sana'a came pretty quick, but she still didn't take Naomi's record. Wifey is just fine, she's hellified tough, even hit a few jokes just before the elf hit the fan, so to speak.

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We just decided to keep the ages of our kids within a few years. No more kids, 3 is enough. My oldest will be 4 in July, so I can get her into a few more things to occupy her time. (like mini's) She was already 2 when she learned to count to twenty watching daddy organize his DH Army.


Naomi is following suit by watching the CAV Army get organized, though she has a problem with trying to eat my model palm trees. hmmm, kids....

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