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Canadian Sophie shipments?


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Hi there,

I did a quick browse of the forum, and didn't see anyone asking this (but this being the internet and all, I'm surprised I'm the first one wondering aloud if my order has been messed up).

So I got the email on December 4th that my metal Sophie was finally on its way to Canada. I know the history and this post isn't any complaining about that. My problem is that per the tracking link in the email, the package was "shipment accepted" on December 5th and then... it stopped. It hasn't done anything else since then.

Is it really still sitting in a Texas mail depot? Is this normal for USPS First-Class Mail International? Should I be writing the Postmaster General of the US? Is it just that Canadian package tracking never works as well as it does for Americans and it'll show up on my doorstep 5 hours from now without the status ever changing? Can any Canadians confirm that their Sophie has arrived?

If it matters, this is my link: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input?origTrackNum=LN371609892US

Also, there's the small fact that I put an old postal code but my new address into the pledge manager. I only discovered this after I started to wonder what the hold up is (and corrected it immediately!). Will that Sophie now sit in Texas forever since they can't resolve the street address with the postal code?

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There's a customer service link for the USPS that has email and phone options:



There might be something they can do, though the parcel may end up back at reaper as undeliverable.


In that case, get ahold of reaper at [email protected] or give them a call. There number is around somewhere on the website but also in the forums as well.


Ah, here it is:

Customer Service
Phone: (940)484-6464 x101
Fax: (940) 484-0096
[email protected]

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the return debacle is different - Drakir is asking about the shipment once we got them and reshipped.


Some other Canadian forumites (I SUMMON DAN GOODCHILD!) can probably help - US Postal tracking for internationals tends to stop at the border - and that's kind of misleading, too. When it gets to the main depot in Texas, it boards a plane, and the next stop is inside Candada, so no tracking is provided from that point. Literally, it stops at the Texas Depot. It's almost useless, except for one detail - if returned to the states, for any reason, it will show up again.


Dan (in Ontario) says "As for the tracking - whenever I order something and have it sent directly to Canada the tracking always looks like that, even if it's not delayed. It's because USPS tracking stops when it gets on the plane to Canada. " But his paint order took "a couple of weeks".


Dan, if you have anything to add, please do!

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Yes, that is perfectly normal for 1st Class. USPS 1st Class only updates on acceptance into the system, and never after that (if it does, which is rare, it's only within the US). You will have it before it tells you that you have it.


USPS 1st Class is reasonably good most of the time, but I'd allow at least 2-3 weeks for delivery before getting worried. Incoming to Canada has been slow all around lately for me, regardless of mail service or country (even courier is slower), and on top of that there's the Christmas mailing rush.


You may have it sooner, but I'd say almost definitely not before the 19th. If you do get it before then, fantastic bonus.



ETA: As regards your postal code, is the new one from a move or because of a civic re-address? That latter's happened to me a few times. I've lived here for years and have had 3 separate addresses without moving. If that's the case, the local post office should be able to sort it out without delay. Likewise if you've moved but are still within the same general area.


If, however, it's an old postal code from before a bigger move then you should prepare for an additional delivery delay of 1-3 weeks because the sorting machine will note the discrepency and sort the package out of the system for human intervention (same as an illegible address). That can be quick or slow, depending on how fast a human gets to it, corrects it, and whether or not this is done in the same facility (it probably is, but Canada Post has some weird systems in place).


But the package should reach a Canadian sorting facility first before the discrepency is noted. As far as I'm aware, international sorting only sorts to a primary entry hub for further dispatch within the arriving country. So, say, Texas to Toronto. Then if the error postal code and address are in the same province, it may move on to that province before being sorted out for intervention. So on down the chain until it reaches a point where it can't be automatically resolved, then a human makes the correction.

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Vworp! Vworp! You rang?


Bryan and Buglips have got it neatly summed up. The only thing I might add is that at this time of year both USPS and Canada Post are getting busier by the day so patience is likely your best course of action here.


Earlier in the year I orderd some Bones figures and they arrived in about 5 days (including a weekend). A couple of weeks ago I ordered some new paint colours and they took two full weeks to arrive. Unless they show up back at Reaper's doorstep for some reason I wouldn't worry - at least not yet. For me, today marks one week since I got the notification that my Sophies had shipped so I expect at least another week before they arrive.

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Any chance anyone who has received their Sophie lives in Toronto? I'm used to my Paizo orders vanishing into some strange vortex at the border of the city, arriving a week after the rest of the country. I'm just wondering if this "Toronto black hole" is across the board.

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