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02914: Blue Orchid, Assassin

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    • By Jay
      I'm painting flesh tones and it's coming out blotchy. Any suggestions on how to get those buttery smooth blends?
      The specific reaper color is "Rosy Flesh."
      I'm mixing the paint with water to thin it down but I get rings and blotches.
      Too much water? Too little? Should I be using flow improver instead of water?
      Should I paint everything the highlight color and darken it or work the reverse direction?
    • By Sulka
      Hey there, I'm very new to sculpting, and i was hoping for some advice in removing the "seams" that show up when you add a new blob of greenstuff onto your model, I've been using Vaseline, and a small slightly rounded steel dental tool for the bulk of my sculpt, i can get most of the height difference to go away, but the seam is still visible, I'm mostly trying to blend it into other soft green stuff underneath it, i don't have too much trouble blending a soft layer into a cured layer,  any advice, tips or techniques 
      Also, I appreciate all the great tips I've already found on the forum, its saved me from having to do a lot of trial and error on my own
    • By Nial ap Morai
      Adding to my table Top town militia. I think I forgot their pupils!

    • By Nial ap Morai
      It’s a table top figure for our weekly game. The monochromatic nature of the armor was hard on the eyes and made me want to rush a little.  Fun to paint.  Slowly getting better brush control.  Need more practice with layering and highlighting.  Advice and comments welcome ... of course I notice a smudge on the back of the right foot as soon as I posted 

    • By Nial ap Morai
      Started this one years ago it seems.  The campaign outpaced my time for painting, finished it tonight along with another, but felt like I hurried this one just to get it done.

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